Small AquaFall Waterfall Floor Fountain AF-3

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63 LBS
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This waterfall will soothe your senses with its calming effects. You can see the water flow over the textured acrylic surface, creating a wave-like pattern of light and shadow. You can hear the peaceful sound of the water as it cascades down the sculpture. This waterfall will impress and delight your guests with its elegance. This waterfall will help you relax and unwind as it creates a balanced and humid atmosphere in any room. It is also easy to maintain and enjoy.


Product includes:

  • 1 preprogrammed LED puck light
  • 1 black acrylic scored water wall panel section
  • 1 black acrylic basin reservoir
  • 1 set of black polished river rocks
  • 1 black acrylic light baffles
  • 1 black acrylic basin reservoir cover/rock tray
  • 1 submersible water pump
  • 1 flow control valve for water flow

Dimensions: 84"t x 14"w x 15"d

Water Capacity: approx. 8 gallons

Free Shipping and a One Year Manufacturer Warranty