Small Bubble Column WC-2

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71 LBS
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This water column is a radiant and enjoyable spectacle of bubbles. You can choose from two sets of color strips to customize the unit and match the mood of the room. This water column produces a wonderful show of bubbles that rise to the top, reflecting bright and vivid colors. It is a graceful and relaxing piece that calms your body and mind with its soothing rhythm of bubbles and colorful display. You can use this as a personal accent piece or as a focal point of a room to impress your guests with a bold statement. This water column is very easy to maintain and is hand made with strong and clear cell cast acrylic, which is much better than glass.


Product includes:

  • 32 gallon capacity clear acrylic water column
  • 1 black acrylic header with cap
  • 1 black acrylic base with cover
  • LED lighting 
  • 1 air pump
  • 1 bubble wand kit set (includes tubing, bubble wand, and check valve)