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5 Ways Bubble Walls Can Benefit Your Business

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Bubble walls are a unique piece of art. These panels filled with water contain hoses and air pumps to produce beautiful and mesmerizing bubble patterns. Each one includes LED lighting with color options to make the water feature really stand out wherever you place it. There are different varieties that hang on the wall and others that stand on the floor. While any of the available options are interesting to look at and will improve your office space, here are five ways that any bubble wall can benefit your business.

1. Gives the area a more interesting appeal.

  Art should be more than just something to take up an area. It should improve the area and make the viewer feel something. Bubble walls are interesting to watch, but they also bring a modern, unique touch to the space they are placed. Everyone who passes through your office will get a feel that your business is forward-thinking, which sheds a great light on your company while keeping things professional in appearance.

2. Brings a sense of relaxation to the room.

  The benefits of being near water is shown as therapeutic. The way it moves and sounds can relax people. If you have a business where tensions run high, people are occasionally angry going through your lobby, or everyone is just always hurrying, having a relaxing space can benefit your business.

3. Makes your business more memorable.

  Since bubble walls are still somewhat rare, they make your office more memorable. When you have a unique entry that sets you apart, it is easier for customers, clients, and by-passers to remember who you are. It only takes something like a bubble wall to make all the difference in people saying “aren’t they the ones who…”. Having a characteristic that sticks in the mind can generate revenue.

4. Low maintenance.

  Many offices include a fish tank in the lobby to entertain kids and others who sit there. Bubble walls are placed for similar purposes, but they are better for keeping up. Fish tanks require a lot of equipment to run, along with food and filters. Cleaning is required every so often even with the best filters. Bubble walls are great because they are made to need very little maintenance and controlled by a wireless remote control.

5. Custom made especially for your business.

  Since each bubble wall is custom-made, there are no two units that are the same. With paintings, most are mass produced and it is hard to find something entirely unique for your business décor. If you want to have a painting or other art work that is one of a kind, it usually comes at a premium price. Bubble walls are reasonably priced, so you don’t have to spend a chunk of your profits to have a perfect piece for your space. Each one varies in size, color, thickness, and with different bubble patterns. You can even order a set of panels that work together to make one stunning collection. With so many different options available, it’s certain that you can find something that will work for you.

So what are you waiting for? Water Gallery is the premier source for bubble walls so browse our collection of bubble walls today and contact us to discuss the custom bubble wall of your dreams!