Bubble Walls & Panels

Water Gallery is the leading source for bubble waterfall panels and bubble walls. We can custom design a feature to fit any space. Each bubble water wall includes spectacular color LED lighting and a wireless remote control. Engineered to last for many years, we use only the best quality acrylic, air pumps, valves and hoses on the market. Custom bubble panels are always impressive on first sight and can leave a lasting impression on many visitors. Each bubble wall is a unique work of art, and you can choose from a floor standing or wall hanging design. All of our bubble walls are sealed/encapsulated for minimal maintenance. Each tank is made to order, therefore smaller and larger tanks may have different bubble patterns. This variance is due to the different size and thickness of each individual bubble wall. 

Contact us today at (888) 994-3760 or email watergallery.net@gmail.com to discuss your project.