Water Gallery Bubble Wall with Circle Baffles - Wall Hanging

Water Gallery

Custom Design - Featured Product 4' x 6' is $8,400 to $9,600

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150 LBS

All Custom Sizes Available. Call for details.

Our Wall Hanging Bubble Wall with Circle Baffles is available in all custom sizes.  Our two most popular sizes are 4' tall x 6' wide and 6' tall x 8' wide.  This bubble wall includes color changing LED lighting with a remote control. The quality is excellent and perfectly engineered from durable cell cast acrylic.  We include the best air pumps, hoses, lights and valves on the market.  The unique design includes circular acrylic disks inside of the tank to create a beautiful and dynamic visual effect.  The bubbles flow throughout the tank in a free flowing swirly motion.

Sealed Design Requires Minimal Maintenance!

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