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Custom Bubble Walls Give You The Chance To Be Creative And Create The Exact Look You've Been Envisioning

[Posted on April 18]

In addition to the signature fountains we're known for at WaterGallery L.L.C., we also offer other types of water art, such as our custom bubble walls. We frequently have people come to us interested in indoor fountains but are unable to find something that matches the decor of the space they're decorating, whether that's in the home or the office.  When they come across our custom bubble walls, they realize they've found something that is exactly what they're looking for.

Custom bubble walls offer a very modern take while providing the same tranquil beauty of that you get with our indoor fountains. The constantly moving bubbles and changing lights provide visual appeal that can't be found in some of our signature fountains, let alone other types of art. WaterGallery L.L.C., has always been dedicated to providing an inventory that reaches out to a wide number of clients. None of our clients are the same, which is why we've always been willing to modify our designs as needed for those clients and why it's important that we give them customization options with our bubble walls, which can be made to fit any space.

Our custom bubble walls come standard multicolor LED lights that come with a control that can change the lighting as needed. When combined with our bubble lamps or an LED bar top, custom bubble walls present a total design vision that will enhance the look of any space, whether that's a bar, nightclub, restaurant, shopping, retail shop or even an area in your home. At WaterGallery L.L.C., we believe there are no limits to how our custom bubble panels can be used and encourage those interested in these products to let their imaginations run wild.

Custom bubble walls are one of the more unique products we offer at WaterGallery L.L.C. While we're known as the leading source for indoor and outdoor fountains within the industry, custom bubble walls allow us to provide a product to a wider customer base. These hand crafted pieces are made in the United States from the highest quality acrylics and equipment and can be shipped for free anywhere in the country. Because these bubble walls are customized, they'll be made just how you need it and they can be completed just 2-6 weeks. Don't be fooled by other retailers that offer similar products, contact WaterGallery L.L.C., today to learn why our custom bubble walls are the best in the business.