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Best Bubble Wall Fountains for Your Home

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red bubble wall fountain

Bubble wall fountains are a wonderful décor option for any home. They are not only eye-catching and relaxing, but also add a level of privacy and way to break up a room in an elegant way.

Whether you are still deciding between a bubble wall and another type of fountain, or are looking for a specific bubble wall for your home, there are several options to choose from!

What is a Bubble Wall?

A bubble wall is a self-contained, water-filled panel of glass that uses a motor to produce a constant stream of bubbles. Bubble walls are also illuminated with build-in LED lighting of various colors.

As the name suggests, the glass panels are large and can be used as a substitute for a traditional wall.

Bubble walls are more permanent than flimsy, unpleasant room dividers, but are moveable and are less than having a permanent wall built.

The illuminated bubbles are both entertaining, and eye-catching, while also being relaxing.

Unlike fountains, you don’t have to worry about the mess and maintenance. However, you don’t get the soothing gurgling of water.

If privacy and something interesting and attention-getting is your main goal, a bubble wall is your best option.

Choosing the Right Bubble Wall

How do I know which bubble wall is for me?

Bubble walls come in different sizes with different color of lighting.

The perfect bubble wall for your home will depend on the size and shape of the space where the bubble wall will go as well as what kind of mood you want the bubble wall to project.

The mood will determine the color of the lighting.

If you’re not sure what color of lighting you want, there are bubble walls that change colors.

The location of the bubble wall in the home is also another thing to consider. The living room, basement man cave and a bedroom all evoke a different type of atmosphere. Turquois, blue, white or traditional lighting would be preferable for bubble walls in the living room or bedroom. Reds, yellows, greens and purples are better colors for a game room or bar.

The size and shape of the available area where the bubble wall will go also matters. Will the bubble wall be inserted into an existing wall or will it be free standing? Will you need a horizontal or vertical bubble wall? Is the space large or small?

No matter what size of bubble wall you’re looking for, Water Gallery can help you find the best one for your home. We have a variety of bubble wall fountains in a variety of sizes, shapes and color that will fit into any budget.

Contact Water Gallery today for more information about bubble wall fountains or to make a purchase.

Your home deserves to have some pizazz. Make your room the center of attention with a bubble wall fountain.