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Best Commercial Water Features for the Indoors

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You have a business office you want to decorate. If you’re a business owner, it can be tempting to decorate your business to match your own personal preferences or to make your business office look like an extension of how you decorate your home.

While you may think you have good taste that will make your office look nice and inviting, does it look professional?

This is where it can become difficult: finding the balance of professionalism with unique, personal flair.

You can opt for sleek furniture, cheap indoor plants or cheesy, boring artwork on the walls.

Or you can try an indoor water feature.

The first thing you may have thought of is a miniature version of a large, elaborate outdoor fountain. You don’t anything that gaudy in your business office.

A water feature is a term that covers more than fountains. It also includes bubble water panels, wall fountains and free-standing floor fountains.

Water features are elegant, sleek and pleasant to look at. They come in a variety of sizes, and materials that give off a variety of vibes.

These indoor water fountains can provide offer a bold, authoritative centerpiece to an office or provide a calming relaxed backdrop.

What’s even better is that these indoor water features can be customized and branded with your company’s logo, making them powerful, professional marketing tools.

The Best Commercial Water Features

There are many indoor water features out there. Which ones make the best commercial water features?

If you don’t know anything about indoor water features, it would be beneficial to do some research. You’ll need to know whether you want a wall-hanging or free-standing floor fountain and what size of fountain will fit your office space.

The style will be another thing to consider. Some commercial indoor fountains have a fun feel, while others have a relaxing, elegant feel and still others have a modern, authoritative, professional feel.

The brand of the fountains is also important. Not all indoor water feature makers produce fountains that can be engraved and customized with company branding.

The top manufacturers that make some of the best-quality indoor fountains include Adagio and Bluworld.

Both these manufacturers have been in the water fountain industry for many years and have produced indoor commercial water features for top companies.

BluWorld produces and tests each of their commercial water features at their facility. Their fountains are engineered specifically for indoor use and their quality products are matched with superior customer service.

Adagio produces luxury, hand-crafted water features and is one of the leaders in the indoor water feature industry. All their fountains are made in the U.S. and combine both professionalism and artistic flair.

Their water features are made of slate, marble and glass.

An additional quality brand is Water Gallery. We specialize in indoor water features called “bubble walls” that come with the option of LED lighting in a variety of colors. Our “bubble walls” come in both wall-mounted and free-standing models. Our water features produce an entertaining and pleasant display of water and bubbles that are encased in glass.

We strive to produce only the highest-quality fountains at the most competitive prices. We also have superb customer service to help answer your questions and concerns.

Whether you run a doctor’s office, a business consulting firm, a restaurant, a spa or another type of business, an indoor commercial fountain can add that extra level of professionalism, relaxation and fun your office space needs.

After determining the size, type and style of commercial indoor fountain, browse the collection of Adagio, BluWorld and Water Gallery fountains on the Water Gallery website. For any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to contact us