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Fun LED Bubble Wall Colors

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Indoor fountains can do wonders for an interior space. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Indoor fountains can be either free standing on the ground or they can be panels affixed to the wall.

A popular type of indoor fountain is what’s called a bubble wall. These fountains can also be either larger free-standing or smaller and mounted on the wall.

Bubble walls are popular because they come in a variety of colors and bubble patterns that can add elegance, relaxation or entertainment to a business atmosphere. In essence, they can either dress up or dress down a space to match the appropriate atmosphere.

The way to best personalize your place of business is by selecting an LED color for your bubble wall fountain that matches the kind of atmosphere you want your business to exude to customers.

Below is a list of the available bubble wall colors as well as the ambiance and effects each one communicates:


The color red is often associated with danger, risk and anger. It also communicates dominance and competition as well as energy and drive. Red also exudes warmth, energy and authority. Red also has been known to stimulate hunger, making it a great color for restaurants. A red bubble wall will no doubt draw attention. This color however, is not recommended for medical offices or spas where a calm atmosphere is needed.

Light Blue

The color of light blue is reminiscent of the sky which for many people is associated with serenity, wonder and dreaming. A light-blue bubble wall will add a sense of calmness, safety, professionalism and creativity to a business office or establishment.


The color teal tends to remind people of the bright, clear turquois water of the tropics. It produces both a sense of relaxation and excitement. It makes customers, patrons and patients feel happy and invigorated. Seafood restaurants, bars, salons and professional offices, especially those in the hospitality and travel industries, would greatly benefit from a teal lighted bubble wall.

Dark Blue

While light-blue is serene, dark blue makes a bolder statement of confidence, pride, intelligence and trust. This shade of blue is great for business and medical offices as it exudes a sense of confidence and knowledge that lets customers know your company knows its stuff and can be trusted.


Green is the color of plants and nature. It is the color of growth, peace, restoration, life, renewal, nurture and health. Health and wellness offices, therapy offices, doctor offices, and healthy eating establishments are just a few business types that a green bubble wall would be good for.


The color of purple has been shown to evoke calmness, creativity, mystery, wealth, power, luxury and dignity. The color is rarely found in nature. Purple can work well in a variety of business settings from a consulting firm to a spa. Unless your restaurant is upscale or features a bar, the colors red, yellow and green might be better colors.


Yellow is often associated with happiness, energy, fun, creativity and optimism. It is also playful and makes the environment low-key, mellow and non-threatening. A yellow bubble wall would be a great addition to an art studio or a business office that provides professional, creative services to clients.

A fun LED bubble wall can be just what your business establishment needs. They are pleasant to look at, being both captivating and relaxing. The various colors LED lighted bubble walls are available in mean that you can find one that will exude the right atmosphere and environment for your business.

Whatever business you’re in, there is a bubble wall for you. Contact us at the Water Gallery today so we can help your office or establishment get the face-lift it needs.