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The Best Type of Custom Bubble Walls for Restaurants

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Bubble walls for restaurants are becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true for high end restaurants. Bubble walls add class and interesting backdrops for your guests.

It may seem difficult to have a bubble wall in your restaurant, but it is quite simple. They are custom made and very large indoor fountains. Any designer can help you pick out the best design and size for your restaurant.

Choosing a Size and Type

You will want to decide what size you want your wall water fountains in your restaurant to be. Do you want them to be wide and cover a large area? Or perhaps you want them to be tall, from the height of the table to the ceiling. Think carefully. The larger your walls are, the more expensive they will be.

You will also want to decide if it is going to be traditional or more of a fountain. The best type are usually the fountains, because they are more cost efficient and easiest to have made. In addition, the fountain types can produce many more bubbles.

Installation and Maintenance

Once your bubble wall fountain is constructed, you will have to have it installed in your restaurant. This is best done by two or more professional technicians. After all, you do not want the wall to break before you even get it up and running. They are far too expensive for that to happen. Professional installers will generally pick up the walls and bring them to your restaurant as well as install them once they arrive. They usually guarantee that your walls will make it in place without damage.

Once they are installed on your walls, they need to be connected to a water and power source. The professional installers should be able to handle this for you as well. Once they are filled with water, you will turn them on and they will circulate the water creating the bubbles. If you want to add any color to the water, this should be put in now as well.

As the water is circulated, any color dye you put in will likely fade. You will need to periodically add more color dye to the wall. The same professionals that installed your wall fountains should be able to show you how to do this easily. Other than that, there is really no maintenance necessary. You will want to clean them periodically of fingerprints, etc. It may be best to hire a professionalfor this as well so that you do not have to worry about them getting broken by hapless employees.

In the end, you will be very pleased with your custom bubble walls. Your customers will also appreciate the ambience they give, and it will bring you more business and better tips for your servers. All in all, it is a wise investment that may not cost as much as you might think at first. Anyone interested in bubble walls for restaurants should check into the prices and types available before making a final decision.