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Choosing the Best Bubble Wall or Bubble Panel

[Posted on March 5, 2012]

A bubble wall or bubble panel is a dynamic water structure typically constructed from acrylic, air pumps, air hoses, led lighting and water. These fascinating water structures are used in various settings and offer a unique visual effect. Many restaurants, bars, nail salons, offices and residences choose to use bubble panels as divider walls between rooms or as a backsplash behind a bar or reception area.

Bubble walls vary greatly in quality, design and price, and there are several important factors to consider when choosing the best bubble wall for your area. See the list below and the brief description following to help you choose the best bubble wall or bubble panel.

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Size or Dimensions
  • Style of your Bubble Wall – There are 2 basic styles, vertical baffle and bubble baffle. Please see detailed explanation below.
  • Quality of your Bubble Wall

Cost of your Bubble Wall

Budget is generally a good place to get started. What is a comfortable price you are willing to pay for your bubble wall? Pricing starts around $500 and can go well over $100,000 depending on the size and style you prefer.

bubble-panel-small.jpg bubble-panel-large.jpg

The small bubble panel is designed for residential purposes and costs under $500.

The large bubble panel was custom built and measures 65 feet across. Pricing for this bubble wall is near $100,000.

Location for your Bubble Wall

Deciding on the right location is the first important step to choosing the best feature. Keep in mind we can build your water structure any size or dimensions you prefer. Also, you can choose a free standing bubble wall or wall hanging bubble panel.

Size of your Bubble Wall

The size of your feature is another important consideration when choosing the best bubble wall for your space. Generally, the larger the feature the more expensive it becomes. Try to maximize your maximize your space while keeping the cost as low as possible.

Style or Design of your Bubble Panel

As mentioned above, there are two basic types of bubble walls. The first is called a Vertical Baffle Bubble Wall. This style has vertical chambers or sections for the bubbles to flow upward. Each of these sections is divided by an acrylic upright. The second style of bubble wall is called our Bubble Baffle Bubble Wall. The bubble baffle style is an open tank design. We include circle supports within the bubble tank, but the bubbles flow freely throughout. There are no vertical sections or dividers as shown in the vertical baffle bubble panel.

vertical-baffle-bubble-wall.jpg bubble-baffle-bubble-wall.jpg


The last consideration when choosing the best bubble panel is quality. Quality varies greatly between builders, so it is essential to find the best manufacturer for your feature. Many companies use lower quality acrylic, cheap air pumps and low quality lighting. Water Gallery LLC uses only the best components. We include ½” – ¾” cell cast acrylic and the best quality air pumps and color LED lighting available. Top quality materials are important for your indoor water feature to ensure your bubble wall will last for many years.

Water Gallery LLC is the leading source for bubble walls and bubble panels. We work with a team of engineers and craftsman with over 30 years of combined experience. Our bubble wall experts will help you decide on the best bubble wall or bubble panel for your home or business