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The Bubble Wall – A great feature for Retail Owners

lat30-3-small.jpgEvery shop unit and retail space should have one! The fact that most shops don’t have a bubble wall creates an opportunity for any forward-thinking retail owner.  By “forward-thinking” we mean one who wishes to enhance their retail space with an excellent tool to increase footfall and augment their existing techniques for creating a great shopping experience.

Retail Owners and managers are increasingly employing a variety of methods to draw in customers, keep them browsing, encourage them to buy, and keep them coming back as happy returning customers, bringing their friends and family with them.

With such a goal in mind, creating a serene, tranquil and compelling feature within the retail space can only be a winning technique.  Attractive décor and an interior space which does not detract from the goal of more sales is the job for interior professionals – and many would advocate the use of a water feature for the calming effect.  Slowing shoppers down and lifting their mood is an important part of retailing as it’s proven to generate more revenue and footfall in general.

A bubble wall exudes quality and style, creates visual interest and acts as a focal point within a shop floor.  That’s why retail owners should consider some of the details…

Some Bubble Wall Facts for Retail / Shop Owners:


Many bubble panels are equipped with LED lights which create visual effects with color and tonal variations, highlighted by the bubbles in the water.
Bubble Panels can be used to cover an entire wall or only a portion of one.
The bubbles assume a gentle wave pattern as they move in the tank.


The bubble panel is often composed of many different spaces that are merged together to create a larger fountain area.  These sections keep the air pockets inside straight.
Individual “bubble baffles” help in the creation of bubbles without having to worry about water leakage.
Trim in various materials is used to hide pipes and internal parts of the system.


Bubble panels are easy to take care of with minimal fuss. A bubble panel operates as an enclosed water system and it needs to be topped with water on a frequent basis or it can be susceptible to water loss.
In order to properly maintain the walls of a bubble panel, you need to polish the acrylic surface with a cloth.

As you can see, their programmable options, simplicity in operation, durability and low maintenance make bubble walls and panels an excellent investment for any retail manager or shop owner.  Installation is relatively simple and your Bubble Wall can be active in no time.

Even your sales assistants and attendants will benefit from the serene environment created by the Bubble Wall, increasing productivity and lowering negative attitudes or feelings which are picked up by customers browsing in the shop.  Perhaps there will be fewer returns and chargebacks (although this is not a guarantee)!