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The Most Popular Outdoor Fountains

[Posted on July 10]


Outdoor fountains are gaining a new popularity as of late. Many people are enjoying having these in their front or back yards to add to the landscaping. But there are many types to choose from.

Once you decide you want an outdoor fountain, you have to decide which type you want to get. This will depend on several factors such as what materials you want and where in your yard you want it to be placed. The largest factor is whether you want to have a seasonal or year round fountain.

Seasonal Fountains

There are several different types of seasonal fountains to choose from. These are the kind of fountains that must be shut down in the winter months if you live in a colder climate. Otherwise the water could freeze and cause damage.

The most popular type of seasonal fountain is a waterfall. These look absolutely beautiful as the water cascades down from the top to the bottom along stages and falls off stones or steps. However, they work the same way others do, by cycling the water through the fountain.

Another popular type of seasonal fountain is the pedestal type. These outdoor fountains resemble bird baths, but cycle water through like a fountain and will likely have several layers or steps for the water to fall on as it travels down to the basin. These are a nice classy alternative to a traditional bird bath. Of course, most outdoor water fountains will be utilized by the birds in some form or fashion regardless of which kind you choose.

Year Round Fountains

Year round outdoor-made fountains are those that are heated and can be left running in the winter months. There are two main types of these. You can get a solar powered one or an electrical one.

The solar outdoor fountains are the most economical, and allow you to place them nearly anywhere in your yard. As long as it gets direct sunlight, it will work. The solar panels are carefully placed on the fountain in such a way that it is aesthetically pleasing and effective. They gather sunlight, and then use that sunlight to heat the water as it cycles.

The electrical outdoor wall fountains are also beautiful. These are mounted to the outside wall of your home, garage or shed. Note that there must be an electrical outlet nearby. The fountain has an electrical cord that can be hidden away in the summer and spring months, and plugged in during the winter and fall months. This way the water stays heated when it needs to be, and does not have to be heated year round.

The year round models are becoming more and more popular among home owners, especially the solar powered ones. However, the seasonal models are generally less expensive and easier to install in your yard. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Make your decision wisely and carefully as to which of the outdoor fountains you want in your yard.