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The Top 3 Reasons to Keep your Customers Coming Back by Having Bubble Panels

[Posted on April 25]


Creating a clean and inviting atmosphere for your customers and clients can potentially impact the growth of your business. The minute a person opens the door and walks in, they should feel a warm and inviting feeling.

A bubble panel or bubble wall is a dynamic interior water structure constructed with acrylic, different colors of LED lighting, water, air hoses or pumps. They can be used as a back-splash, room divider or even a stand-alone piece of art. They are used in various different settings to create a unique visual effect that is artistic.

There are many different kinds of bubble panels to choose from whether they are free floating, column, tube or even chambered bubble panels. Many different colors of lighting can be used with many different patterns creating a custom design.

Bubble panels are unique, colorful and fascinating to look at. Not only are they unique and interesting, but they also create a warm and inviting feeling to any office or business.

The appearance of a business or an office forms a lasting impression.

Appearance matters no matter where you are, who you are seeing and how others may perceive you. A business who wants customers coming back and want referrals to their location will take the time to make changes or improvements to give their customers or clients a great overall experience.

People may view the appearance of a business or office as to how they expect be treated or what kind of service they might receive. It is similar to a job interview; the job candidate is being judged as soon as they walk in the door, and the job candidate is judging their potential employer based upon the appearance of the business and the office.

Being out of the norm by being different and unique.

Something different and appealing to consider is adding one or more bubble panels. It is something different that most businesses have not yet thought about. Instead of creating a boring atmosphere, you can make a more appealing experience that will be remembered and shared with others.

Businesses usually decorate their walls with paintings, different kinds of art, photography and fixtures on table tops; which are usually what is expected by the norm. Most businesses may not do anything out of the norm to enhance the atmosphere or may not even care about how the atmosphere looks; people may leave without thinking about anything special about the business. A panel of bubbles will create a lasting memory.

A business that cares about how they are being perceived by their customer and those who want to increase their business growth will do what is necessary to improve their business atmosphere. Being out of the norm from other businesses will help your business stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Creating a relaxing and tranquil experience.

When visiting a doctor’s office or a dentist office, most offices look similar as far as how they are set up. The room is usually filled with chairs and maybe a couple of small tables with magazines on top of them. The room may be bright with either a few boring looking pictures or no pictures at all on the walls. Waiting to be called can feel like a long period of time when there is nothing to stimulate your brain or even create a warm, tranquil experience.

Having bubble walls in an office or a business will create a relaxing and tranquil experience for their customers or clients. The idea is to give a person a good initial feeling when they enter the office and giving them a positive experience when they leave the office. Making simple little changes can affect the growth of any business and having a bubble feature can give you and your customers what they want.