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Steps to Choosing the Perfect Custom Fountain For You

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A fountain can add interest as well as peace and tranquility to an indoor space. Some people overlook the fact that there are more than a couple types of fountains. 

The fountain manufacturing industry has evolved to now offer a wider range of fountain sizes, colors and styles. While the traditional fountains still exist, there are now both free standing and tabletop fountains, as well as wall fountains and bubble panel fountains available. Fountains can now be made from a variety of materials including different types of stone, composite, concrete, wood and glass. Modern indoor fountains can also include attached LED lights of different colors.

On top of the many available styles, there are numerous ways to customize your fountain so that it perfectly meets your preferences and needs.

You may be a little overwhelmed at how complicated your fountain selection process has suddenly gotten.

No worries. Here are some practical steps to take to help you navigate the plethora of fountains to find the perfect one for your space:

  • 1.Determine what the purpose of the fountain will be. Will the fountain be the focal point of a room? Will it mainly be there to provide relaxation or be something visually stimulating?
  • People usually tend to select a fountain that either provides calmness with its trickling water or be visually interesting. Some fountains achieve both, but typically people buy fountains for one of the purposes.
  • Fountains are becoming popular for both private and personal use. Fountains are not limited to homes or business offices. They can be great additions for both. Fountains that are in offices will most likely be used for something interesting to look at or even serve as an alternative to a separation wall. Those who choose a fountain for their homes are more likely to get a fountain for relaxation.
  • 2.Know where the fountain will be. Will the fountain be in the reception area of your business, in the middle of one large room to separate it into two different spaces, or will it be used to accent a hallway or foyer?
  • 3.Measure the size of the space. Once you determine where the fountain will be placed, you then want to ensure your fountain will be a perfect fit for the space. It would look odd having a small fountain for a large space or a fountain that is too big, and therefore, too dominant in a small space.
  • 4.Take note of the desired surroundings. What is the current décor, theme or feel of the room?
  • As mentioned earlier, fountains now come in a variety of colors, materials and designs. Make sure to look at fountains that complement the current feel of the space and its surrounding décor.
  • 5.Have a budget. There are many fountain types out there including those with built in LED lights and those that combine artwork and premium craftsmanship. Some of these more deluxe fountains as well as larger fountains can have price tags that can easily exceed your budget. When it comes to buying a fountain, be firm about your budget. The chances are good that you’ll find a high-quality fountain at most price ranges.

A fountain is a significant investment that has many long-term benefits. Finding the perfect fountain may be harder than in the past with more types of fountains available. If you know the purpose of the fountain, the vibe of the space the fountain will go in and have a budget, the process of finding your ideal fountain will be easier.

Water Gallery is a premier fountain manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of fountains. If you’d like more information about the fountains or would like some help in finding the right fountain for you, contact us today. 

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