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Best Indoor Fountain Brands

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A fountain can add an extra sense of elegance and tranquility to a space. When you think of a fountain, you probably think of the outdoor fountains. However, indoor fountains can also enhance a space. Businesses use fountains in their lobby and waiting rooms to calm patients and customers and to give off a sense of professionalism.

Home owners can use indoor fountains to create a relaxing atmosphere or to enhance the aesthetics of a room or empty space. A fountain is a big investment and putting one in can be a large undertaking. Before you pick any fountain to put in your home or office, it is important to know that not all fountains are created equal. It is essential to do your research and check the quality of a fountain before your buy it. The best way to do this is to buy a fountain by a good, reputable fountain brand.

If you’ve never bought an indoor fountain before, here is a list of the best indoor fountain brands:

Water Gallery

Water Gallery produces luxurious, reliable, beautiful and high-quality indoor fountains, bubble walls and artistic water features. Their indoor water features come in a variety of sizes, shapes and layout to specifically fit your space and give it the feel you want.

Water Gallery’s LED lit bubble walls provide a fun and entertaining addition for homes, offices, and restaurants.

Water Gallery offers customers the guaranteed lowest prices, the largest online selection of floor standing and wall hanging fountains, free shipping, top quality products, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Adagio is one of the leaders in the indoor fountain industry. Since 2001, the Adagio name has become synonymous with luxury and elegance. All their high-quality indoor water features are produced in the U.S.

Adagio’s indoor water features combines natural marble and stone slate with premium trimmed metal borders to create a calming, tranquil atmosphere.

Adagio offers a variety of stone water surfaces and metal options, a fast turn-around time on orders, a high attention to quality and detail and a one year limited warranty on each fountain.


BluWorld is the largest water feature company in the U.S., providing more than 15 years of experience and high-quality custom water features for general contractors. BluWorld has a unique project management system to help customers track the progress and quality of their water feature project.

BluWorld has a 30,000-foot manufacturing facility that features a state of the art metal shop manned by a team with years of metal working experience.

The indoor fountains produced by BluWorld are sleek and elegant and can be floor standing or mounted on the wall. Their water features contain seamless water panels with stainless steel borders. Back panels can be engraved with company logos and names to add a sense of professionalism to any office.

Harvey Gallery

Harvey Gallery indoor fountains add a unique look to any room. Each fountain is individually made by the artist meaning your fountain will truly be one of a kind. Harvey Gallery’s traditional copper fountains create a calming, elegant, antique atmosphere, while the abstract, colorful painted pieces offer a more energizing, contemporary feel. Harvey Gallery has been making custom metal fountains and sculptures for more than 40 years and create beautiful traditional fountains, abstract Galaxy Fountains, music themed fountains, tall, wide and custom fountains. Their fountains have been featured in local publications across the United States and their work and sculptures have been featured on PBS, HDTV and Fox TV. Harvey Gallery has created works for numerous Fortune 500 companies, have two U.S. patents, has won awards from ArtsBridge, the Writer’s Room of Bucks County and the Bucks County Sculpture Group.

Gist Décor

GistDécor produces magnificent floor standing indoor fountains that combine classic elegance with a touch of modernism.

Each Gist Décor indoor water feature is custom themed, ranging from classical, realistic and mythical. Their expert architects work with a variety of materials including metal, fiberglass, GFRC, stone and clay to achieve the perfect emotional and aesthetic look and feel.

Regardless of what style, size shape or type of fountain you’re looking for to achieve the desired look and feel of your indoor space, we guarantee you’ll find it at Water Gallery. We build, produce and deliver high-quality, customized water fountains and bubble walls our customers love.

We also partner with numerous other industry-leading indoor water feature manufacturers who provide a unique style and design of water features that are perfect for any indoor space.

For more information about our indoor fountains to browse other brands we partner with, feel free to contact us today.

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