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3 Beautiful Bubbler Fountains

Fact: The gentle flow and bubbling of the water coming from a bubbler fountain creates a relaxing atmosphere in your home, garden or office.

Fact: This type of fountain is a low-pressure water fountain that bubbles water above or onto the surface of the fountain (versus shooting the water into the air like other fountain styles). 

Fact: Wisconsin natives call drinking fountains Bubblers.

Fact: There are a few other interesting things in this world that share the name of this type of water fountain.

Whether it’s in the local park, in your school yard, in your home or office, a bubbler fountain is a welcome addition to any space. Drinking fountains aside, each bubbler fountain is a unique creation that can elevate the sophistication of your space, in addition to bringing a sense of peace. This could be your signature garden fountain design: the one that clients will talk to their friends and family about; the one that friends will go out and buy after they’ve seen how lovely and affordable yours is.

Great Outdoor Fountains Serenity Bubbler in Cobalt Blue


This garden fountain design is one of the most popular of its kinds. Measuring 32" tall x 22" wide this fountain will form a lasting impression on all of your visitors. Set the fountain in some round, flat rocks (the kind you used to skip with your Dad), add a bit of mulch, and a few accent plants and you’re golden.

Gist Décor Trunk Fountain


The Trunk Fountain is made from glass fiber reinforced concrete and actually looks like it’s made from wood. This large fountain is popular for the impressive statement it makes in any outdoor space. This is a solid piece that you can count on through all kinds of weather.

Great Outdoor Fountains Infinity Bubbler in Aqua Teal


The Aqua Teal Infinity Bubbler is a very popular selection for many customers. It offers a beautiful blend of colors and will form a lasting impression on your friends and family. The Infinity rests 40" above the ground and is 17" wide. The vase is hand crafted from durable glazed ceramic. Enjoy the beautiful sounds the Infinity Fountain brings to your home and garden. 

There are bubbler fountains available for many different styles, tastes and spaces. Most fountains are custom made, so no two fountains are alike. We offer a large variety of additional Garden Bubbler Fountain designs. Size, shape and other customizations are available.


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