3 Great Reasons to Consider a Water Gallery Floor Fountain

[Posted on February 11, 2008]

Floor fountains are incredibly elegant, help create an impression of success and are perfect for almost any environment. If you have been thinking about adding a floor fountain to your home, corporate office or even retail shop, here are three great benefits to do so.

Water Gallery Floor Fountains are Extremely High Quality
You can purchase fountains from practically any home and garden big box shop, however, for those that are looking for fountains that are created with the utmost care and workmanship then Water Gallery floor fountains will definitely impress. All Water Gallery floor fountains are created with the highest quality materials available. You can choose between high quality marble, slate and river stones, glass, copper and other quality metals. In fact, with so much selection to choose from, you can ensure that your floor fountain will not only be beautiful, but unique.

Water Gallery Floor Fountains Come With Plenty of Extras
When you purchase a high quality floor fountain from Water Gallery, not only do you get an elegant fountain, but a whole lot of extras with it. For starters, practically all Water Gallery floor fountains come with free shipping. In addition, you also receive free fountain lighting to showcase your fountain in your environment. Another great extra you will receive is free customized engraving which is perfect for fountains placed in a corporate or business environment. It should also be noted that most Water Gallery floor fountains come shipped preassembled making set up a snap and since your floor fountain is designed to be spill resistant, you can place your fountain practically anywhere with very little maintenance.

Water Gallery Floor Fountains Offer Healthy Benefits
You might not have realized it, but floor fountains can have several health benefits to those that are near them. First off, floor fountains are a great stress reliever. The sound of gentle falling water is very tranquil and relaxing. Whether you have a floor fountain in your home or office, you can expect it to add to the ambiance and gently soothe all that come in contact with it. Another health benefit of floor fountains is that they gently humidify the air surrounding them. This not only means that the air will have more moisture in it- which is good for breathing, but a floor fountain has the potential of reducing dust and pollen particles in the air.

If you are thinking about adding a floor fountain in your environment, a Water Gallery floor fountains offers a variety of benefits that should not be overlooked.