3 Unfamiliar Types of Tabletop Water Fountains

There is always the stereotypical tabletop water fountain: the low-profile base, earth-toned color scheme with cream and brown stones. We’ve all seen it a thousand times. And for some people, that is exactly what they are looking for. But it isn’t what everyone is looking for, and if you aren’t like some people, you need not worry. The number of designs out on the market today is amazing. The selection you have to choose from seems never-ending and that means there is absolutely no reason to find the exact fountain to fit your style.

Here are three tabletop water fountain designs to help get you started on your search:

WATER CHIMES (The Bell Fountain)
With water chime, or bell fountain designs, it works just as the name might make it seem. Water flows across and/or through the fountain in a gentle stream striking bells or chimes to create ringing sounds on regular intervals. Typically, the sound is muted and simply compliments the sound of rushing water. The chimes are great for quiet spaces and meditation. The metal bells are usually coated in an anti-tarnish coating, or made from a metal that will eventually wear into a charming patina.

These tabletop water features have a small footprint, but are enhanced with considerable vertical height. As water flows across a vertical sheet of metal, glass, or stone, the rushing water provides a unique combination of sights and sounds. These types of water features are excellent for crowded spaces, and in some cases, can be wall mounted. Water control settings allow these water features to lend themselves to quieter sounds, or to the pitch of quickly rushing water. Falling water table fountain designs can be just as loud if not louder than any other design thanks in part to their height.

Whether it be candles or waterproof LED lights, these water features combine the design accents of water chi and fire chi important to the harmony of Feng Shui. Whenever you can add the attractive quality of light dancing across the surface of rushing water, you’d be ill advised to pass up the opportunity. There are many different types of designs, but the most popular choices are made from translucent or transparent materials.