5 Tips For Creating a Casual Living Room

living-room-decor-012.jpgThe living room is a communal area where you, family members and guest will converge. Whether you are watching television, talking with other people, listening to music, or just relaxing on your favorite recliner, you will likely spend more time in the living room than any other area in the home. This is why it's important to focus your decorating efforts on casual, relaxed interior design elements rather than formal. Allowing the living room to slide into a formal style will ultimately take away from its naturally relaxing and comforting features. In this post, we're going to reveal 5 essential tips on how to create a casual living room.

#1 – Light Fixture

Light fixtures play a pivotal role in the overall decor of a living room. Some homeowners prefer the luxurious appearance of an authentic crystal chandelier hanging over their living room. While this is perfectly fine for use in the dining room, it's not the best idea for the living room. In order to achieve a more casual atmosphere, you must use a smaller, more functional fixture. A standard globe fixture will do the job just fine. Alternatively, you can set up a couple different floor lamps in empty corners of the room.

#2 – Warm Color Palette

Ever notice how formal rooms almost always feature a neutral color palette? Taupe, gray, brown and cream are all neutral colors which are commonly found in formal rooms; therefore, you should avoid using them in your living room. Instead, decorate it using a warm color palette to bring more life and vibrancy to the atmosphere

#3 – Furnishings

The furnishings will also have a direct impact on the decor in a living room. For casual living rooms, it's recommended that homeowners use furnishings that are designed with comfort in mind. A traditional L-shaped furniture arrangement featuring a large micro-suede sofa and matching loveseat, for instance, is a simple setup that will push your living room towards a more casual direction.

#4 – Photos

Adding a couple frames photos to your walls will also liven up the atmosphere in a casual manner. If there are empty spaced on your living room walls that need a little TLC, hang up some frames photos of your family. You can even go one step further by creating a collage of half a dozen or so framed photos. This is a quick and easy way to decorate the walls without spending a ton of money on expensive paintings or artwork.

#5 – Entertainment Center

Lastly, using an entertainment center in your living room will prevent the decor from becoming too formal. Most formal living rooms are designed with a fireplace serving as the focal point. By placing a large entertainment center with a flat-screen television in your living room, you will naturally achieve a more casual atmosphere. Just remember to follow the basic rules of decorating and design; you should only use an entertainment center that matches the rest of the surrounding furniture in your living room.