A Wall Fountain Pleases More Than The Eye

[Posted on May 02]

If you’ve come to the decision that it’s time to redecorate a room in your home or office, you’re going to find that that is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be many more decisions to make along the way, such as, what kind of furniture or art are you going to feature in this newly designed room. If you haven’t considered including a wall fountain in this new design, discover the possibilities that are available to you by browsing WaterGallery.net. No matter how drastic or subtle you intend your redesign to be, when you incorporate an indoor fountain you’ll be expressing a sense of modern style that isn’t easily found.

If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing our website, you’ve probably discovered that in regards to a wall fountain or wall waterfall, the possibilities are endless. We’ve been providing high quality wall fountains for years because we’ve been able to offer the variety of designs that can’t be matched. Our fountains start as small as 40 inches for those looking for something more subtle but for if you’re really looking to make an impact, one of our larger fountains, up to 10 feet tall, will have the kind of “stop them in their tracks” appeal that you might be looking for.

We offer a number of different materials and finishes for our floor fountains, ranging from stainless steel to stone and mirror surfaced fountains. If you want something truly unique, we can also design a wall fountain that could even incorporate the name or logo of your company, which can be an excellent way to greet visitors to your business. This is a popular choice by our corporate clients because they’ve found that one of these customized pieces serves a multitude of purposes when place in the entryway or lobby of their office. Not only does it work on a stylistic level but it projects a professional appearance about your company that is not easy to achieve.

A wall fountain from WaterGallery.net will offer you a way to create a totally unique look and feel to the space you’re redecorating, whether that space is a hallway in your home, a waiting room in your office or any other room you can imagine. Fountains appeal to more than just your visual sense; the relaxing sounds of the water create a unique atmosphere not matter where they’re featured.