Adagio Calming Waters Wall Fountain with Featherstone Slate

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Relax to the comforting sound of the Adagio Calming Waters Wall Fountain with Featherstone Slate! This beautifully designed, wall-mounted indoor water feature comes in variety of frame and water panel colors. It also features Featherstone, which is an exceptional building material chosen for its stunning finish and lightweight design. Includes a three halogen light header to accent the flowing water, and if you really want to make this indoor water fixture shimmer, color LEDs are available as an upgrade! Don’t pass up this beautiful framed wall fountain!

Dimensions: 53.5" wide x 35" tall x 6" deep

Choose from Several Frame Colors: 

Choose Your Water Panel Color:

Multicolor Featherstone

Green Featherstone

Black Featherstone

Everything you need is included with your purchase.

1) Complete fountain with featherstone water panel and durable metal frame.

2) Recirculating water pump and easy-to-use mounting bracket.

3) Beautiful river rocks for the basin.

4) Three bulb halogen light bar (color LEDs with remote available with upgrade).

5) Step by step installation video.

The design and construction of this exquisite indoor water feature was expertly overseen and crafted. Choosing an illustrious material like Featherstone was no random decision. Featherstone comes from volcanic activity and is formed by molten lava flow that trapped air during the cooling stage. It is a stone that can be described as durable, lightweight, and unique. The Featherstone used for the Adagio Calming Waters Wall Fountain comes in three colors and can be accented with a variety of frames to suite your taste. If you are not sure what would be complimentary, just call the Water Gallery, LLC and speak with a representative who can aide you in creating the most perfect set of panel and frame to fit your decor!

The Adagio Calming Waters Wall Fountain with Featherstone Slate can set a peaceful tone for your next business meeting. This is the perfect indoor water fountain for a doctor’s office or law firm, or any company that is looking to have tranquil exchanges with business associates, clients, or patients. This indoor wall mounted fountain would also be well suited for a conference room. Imagine outfitting your waiting area with the Adagio Calming Waters Wall Fountain with Featherstone Slate; your clients or patients will find reprieve as they flip through magazines or look through their files. Set the tone of your client or patient’s visit by providing a warm and inviting ambiance. Let your patients or clients feel at ease as they are lulled by the smooth flow of calmative waters against stunning Featherstone.