Add Elegance with a Glass Fountain

[October 1, 2007]

Looking for that perfect accessory to complete your office or home décor? One of the most elegant ways to decorate an office, retail location or home is with an indoor fountain. Indoor fountains come in a variety of materials, designs, sizes and motif's, however one of the most commonly used material and popular type of indoor fountain is the glass fountain. Glass fountains to many are the most aesthetically beautiful fountains available. They instantly project a warmth, elegance and charm and can be either the centerpiece of a room or help accessorize a large space. If you are interested in an indoor fountains, here is some more information regarding glass fountains.

Water Gallery offers a wide variety and premium selection of glass fountains. You can choose from many different styles of glass fountains, including wall mounted glass fountains floor- style glass fountains and glass fountains that come in different finishes to fit your exact needs.

One of Water Gallery's most popular and aesthetically pleasing glass fountain is the Serrano. The Serrano glass fountain makes a bold, dramatic statement that fits well with most contemporary interiors. This glass fountain comes in a variety of sizes including floor standing and wall mounted designs. The Serrano offers splash free engineering and many beautiful options such as stainless steel, copper or mirror surfaces. It should be noted that all glass fountains come with special water fountain lighting.

Water Gallery glass waterfalls are also uniquely designed with Double Sided Falls, which allows water to gently flow down both sides of the glass fountain making it perfect for an office, retail or home centerpiece. In addition, high quality water fall lighting is also included to make sure your glass waterfall always looks great and catches the eye of all your guests.

While Water Gallery has a huge selection of premium glass fountains, we also deliver unmatched quality and value. It should be noted that all glass fountains come with a full one year manufacturer's warranty and free shipping. Glass fountains are also extremely easy to set up and most glass fountains come already pre assembled. Regarding price- if you are interested in purchasing a glass fountain, you will be amazed at just how affordable a glass fountain can be.

For those looking to add elegance, warmth and beauty to your office, retail space or home a glass fountain from Water Gallery makes a great choice.