Add Style and Elegance with a Wall Fountain

[October 8, 2007]

One of the most stylish ways to add elegance to any home or office is with a fountain. While most people think of fountains as an outdoor accessory, indoor fountains are now quite popular, especially for those that would like to add luxury and an atmosphere of relaxation to an indoor environment. One of the best ways to add a lavish fountain to your home or office is with Water Gallery wall fountains.

Water Gallery offers some of the finest made wall fountains in the industry. Wall fountains are not complicated structures as one may think and can be set up in almost any area of a room. Water Gallery offers an exclusive line of hand crafted and customized wall fountains to choose from in a wide assortment of fine materials such as classic slate wall fountains, pebble wall fountains, glass wall fountains and even light weight slate wall fountains.

Classic Slate Wall Fountains
Classic slate wall fountains set a fine example for almost any room and décor. Our premium selection of classic slate wall fountains varies in colors, sizes and frames. All classic slate wall fountains include free lighting.

Light Weight Slate Wall Fountains
For those that love the classic look of slate, but require a fountain that is light weight, Water Gallery' light weight slate wall fountains can weight as light as 30 pounds making them easily placed almost anywhere. In addition, lighting is included free of charge.

Pebble Wall Fountains
Interested in adding a wonderful natural look to your residence or office space, one of the more popular materials used in Water Gallery's wall fountains are natural river stones. These stones are perfect in many types of environments adding beauty, warmth and the sound of water running over natural stones. Pebble wall fountains come in a wide variety of sizes and can be accented with many different materials making it perfect for almost any décor.

Glass Wall Fountains
Another material used in wall fountains is glass. Glass wall fountains are perhaps one of the most popular types of wall fountains perfect for most offices and retail spaces. Water Gallery has a wide selection of glass wall waterfalls that come included with waterfall lighting free.

Wall fountains are surprisingly easy to set up and usually come delivered pre assembled. For those interested in purchasing a wall fountain, there are plenty of styles, materials and sizes to choose from to fit practically any office, retail or home space.