4 Free-standing Floor Fountains That Will Transform Your Home

4 Free-standing Floor Fountains That Will Transform Your Home

3rd Jan 2018

You’re looking to update or remodel the entry way, foyer and living room of your home. You’ve been looking at changing the wall colors and replacing the furniture with something more elegant and modern. You may have a specific theme for the room or a certain atmosphere you want the room to exude.

You’re looking at paint colors, rugs, furniture and décor that would best display the room’s chosen theme or atmosphere.

Before you get too carried away or overwhelmed over the available options and details, have you considered adding a free-standing floor fountain to the room?

Fountains have come a long way and the indoor fountains available now are easy to care for and maintain and are not messy. In addition, they look elegant and provide relaxation.

Free-standing floor fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so you can easily incorporate them into the décor of any room.

An indoor, floor fountain can also serve as the centerpiece of a room and even set the mood, look and feel of a room, as the styles range from fun and bold to elegant and peaceful.

If you want to add some pizzazz to your home remodel, here are four free-standing floor fountains to consider:

Harvey Gallery Features

These elaborate, artistic fountains incorporate color and detail that bring a sense of refined elegance to a living room, entry room or bedroom. These fountains provide both a relaxing trickle of water while also serving as an artwork centerpiece.

The Harvey Gallery features a variety of paintings ranging from detailed, serene landscapes to bold, bright, modern, abstract paintings.

The variety of artwork makes it easier for you to select the style that best represents the atmosphere and feel you want the room to portray.

Water Gallery Free-Standing Bubble Wall With Circular Baffles

Bubble wall standing fountains add fun and excitement to a room. It easily attracts attention and is a great centerpiece. Theses fully-enclosed panel fountains produce a constant flow of circular bubbles that are illuminated with changing built-in LED lighting. The colors range from red to blue to yellow to purple to green.

These bubble wall free-standing fountains make for great enhancements of a game room, man cave, garage, private bar or activity room.

Midwest Tropical Aquafall Floor Fountain

These fountains are simple enough to have a clean, modern, minimalist feel, yet the trickling of the water over the stone ridges also give it a relaxing and elegant look.

The Midwest Tropical Aquafall Floor Fountain’s unique look makes it a versatile piece that can easily blend in and complement virtually any type of room, room setting or atmosphere.

Bluworld Gardenfall Bamboo Floor Fountain

The Bluworld Gardenfall Bamboo Floor Fountain is a great addition to an entryway, living room or bedroom. The glass-etched flower and bamboo designs add interesting, yet subtle elegance and tranquility.

These fountains are perfect for those who want to add beauty and interest, yet don’t want anything too bold, loud or distracting.

An indoor, free-standing floor fountain can dramatically transform the rooms of your home. The different styles can make the look and feel of a room energetic and loud or soothing and refined. Water Gallery has a wide variety of free-standing, indoor fountains to choose from. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect fountain for your home transformation.