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5 Innovative Ways To Improve Your Bathroom

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Thinking about renovating your bathroom in the near future? If so, you should check out the following bathroom improvements. Most people focus on obvious renovations, such as new floors and tile, but the lesser-known renovations often hold more value. Making just a few of these improvements to your bathroom will create a new sense of convenience and opulence that’s felt throughout the entire home.

#1) Heated Floor

The first improvement we’re going to discuss is heated floors (yes, this is a real improvement). Heated floors are particularly useful in the bathroom, as you can step directly out of the shower onto them. The warm, gentle floors offer a superior sense of comfort that’s simply not found in your traditional vinyl or ceramic tile flooring.

Of course, there are both pros and cons associated with heated floors that homeowners need to be aware of.

#2) Indoor Water Fountains

Installing an indoor water fountain in your bathroom will bring a new sense of style and sophistication to the environment. The bathroom is naturally well suited for indoor fountains because of its water-focused atmosphere. Adding a bathroom here compliments the bathroom’s natural beauty, highlighting nearby accessories and bringing more focus to its overall theme.

#3) Waterproof Shower Stereo

Another top luxury improvement for the bathroom is a waterproof stereo system. There are stereo systems designed specifically for use in the shower. With a little bit of work, you can install them in the wall so you can listen to music while you shower.

Depending on the particular model you choose, some waterproof shower stereo systems have iPod connectors, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, and other nifty little features. If you’re interested in adding one to your bathroom, take your time to choose a model with all of the features you desire.

#4) Programmable Shower

Thermostats aren’t the only programmable device in modern-day homes. Showers can also be programmed to the owner’s preference. A programmable shower typically includes a voice-controlled waterproof station in which you issue commands, such as turning up the pressure, making the water warmer, colder, adjusting streams, etc. Some programmable showers can even handle lighting and audio levels for local stereo systems.

#5) LED Temperature-Controlled Faucets

LED temperature-controlled faucets are neat bathroom improvements that have become quite popular in recent years. As the water begins to warm, the LED ring around the end of the faucet turns from blue to red, indicating the temperature change. If the water is still cool, however, it will remain blue.