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5 Surprising Benefits of Using Indoor Water Fountains In The Home

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Water fountains are breathtaking decorative accessories that can revitalize the look, feel and mood of a home. Some people assume they are only useful in gardens, back yards and other outdoor environments but this isn't the case. While there are plenty of beautiful, majestic outdoor water fountains, there are also indoor models which can be used inside the home. If you're skeptical of using one inside your home, check out some of the surprising benefits they offer listed below.

Improves Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental dangers. It's not uncommon for the average home to contain air that's ten times more polluted than outside air, leaving family member vulnerable to respiratory infections and other related health problems.

The good news is that indoor water fountains work to naturally filter impurities from the air. When dust, mold, bacteria or other pollutants travel through the air, some of them will get caught in the fountain's flowing water where they remain trapped. Just remember to change the water in your fountain on a regular basis to ensure it's clean and free of any pollutants.

Creates a Relaxing Environment

Indoor water fountains work to reduce stress and tension in the environment. The soothing sounds of trickling water combined with their brilliant appearance offers a serene sense of tranquility that melts your worries away. Homeowners can use this to their advantage by installing an indoor water fountain in high-traffic, communal areas, such as the living room for instance.

Doubles as a Humidifier

Do you suffer from a dry nose and/or itchy throat? If so, the problem could be caused by dry air. When there's not enough humidity in the air, it can lead to a range of unwanted symptoms. One solution to this problem is to install a humidifier. Alternatively, however, you install an indoor water fountain to raise the humidity levels inside your home. An indoor water fountain isn't going to make your home unbearably humid, but it will add just enough moisture to prevent unwanted symptoms of dry air.

Raise Your Home's Selling Value

Yet another benefit of owning an indoor water fountain that may surprise you is its ability to raise a home's selling value. Individuals and families looking to buy homes will likely pay more for a home with an indoor water fountain. It's a modern improvement that yields several unique advantages – both visual and function – meaning home buyers will pay more.

Unmatched Beauty

Let's face it, there's simply nothing that compares to the visual beauty and elegance of an indoor water fountain. Most homeowners decorate their walls with traditional photos and artwork, but a bolder more meaningful approach is to use a water fountain. The presence of an indoor water fountain installed on the wall will bring a sense of unique beauty and sophistication to the environment, which is something that's not found in traditional wall art.