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5 Tips To Improve Your Indoor Water Fountain

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Indoor water fountains are stunningly beautiful accessories that will bring a newfound sense of style and tranquility to the surrounding environment. Whether they’re used inside the home or workplace, their presence instantly creates a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere. To get the most use and enjoyment out of your indoor water fountain, however, there are a few things you should know.

Tip #1) Match The Color

When shopping for an indoor water fountain, choose a model that contains similar colors as the area where you intend to use it. The picture displayed to the right is an excellent example of how to match the colors of an indoor water fountain to the decor. Both the fountain and the nearby decor feature a chocolate-brown color.

Tip #2) Size Matters

If you’ve spent any time browsing through the available indoor water fountains offered here at, you’ll notice they come in a wide variety of sizes. Don’t just choose a model based on its design and appearance, but also consider its size. Make sure it’s large enough to create a visual focal point but small enough to blend into the decor. You obviously don’t want to choose a large, oversized fountain for a small room.

Tip #3) Use Lighting

To maximize the visibility of your indoor water fountain, it’s recommended that you install additional lighting nearby. Placing a wall sconce, track lighting or even an secondary floor light near your fountain will create a more noticeable, visually attractive accessory that ultimately benefits the entire decor.

Remember, indoor water fountains are only beneficial if people actually notice them. Lighting can help you achieve a greater level of visibility by naturally shifting people’s focus towards the fountain.

Tip #4) Clean It

Indoor water fountains should be cleaned every once in a while to preserve their strikingly beautiful, pristine appearance. Over time, dust and dirt may develop inside the water, resulting in small but noticeable changes in the color. This is usually a sign that your fountain needs new water, so go ahead and change it.

Tip #5) Avoid Clutter

One of the biggest mistakes people make with indoor water fountains is cluttering it with other decorative accessories. You may assume the use of houseplants, paintings or other accessories will bring more attention to the fountain, but nine out of ten times it only takes away from the fountain’s natural beauty. Instead of cluttering the surrounding area with decorative accessories, let the water fountain serve as the natural focal point.