A Courtyard Makeover Made Easy

Posted by Doug Gardner on 20th Nov 2014

Is your courtyard area in need of a new look? In just two days you can revamp it into an entertaining outdoor room. Adding some new colors, furniture, an instant deck, and some new pots with vibrant plants is easier than it sounds.  

Backyard patio with furniture, decor, and black bubbling fountain.

Are you renting? No problem. This courtyard makeover is portable and easy to move. So revitalize your damp, dark outdoor sitting area with these easy-to-do ideas and start enjoying yourself in no time.

First things first, make a list of things you want out of your outdoor living area. There’s no reason not to explore every possibility when creating your outdoor safe haven. This is a place you’re going to be relaxing in and spending time with friends and family, so don’t leave anything to question.

Are you looking for a tropical getaway, a warm and cozy nook, or a rustic sitting area with a modern fire pit? Whatever it is you’re going for, here are six tips to help you build exactly what it is you’re looking for out of your courtyard makeover.

Courtyard Transformation Tips:

  1. Choosing A Color
    Every room needs to feature a specific color, and your outdoor living space is no exception. This is the most important step because all decisions that follow are hinged on the color you choose. A second opinion wouldn’t hurt either. Getting an expert’s opinion on your idea and choice of color might bring certain aspects you never thought of to life.
  2. Disguising Walls
    There are a large variety of screens out there that can be used to hide your original wall. For example, if you’re going tropical, Natureed cladding and woven reed screens add texture will proving an excellent backdrop.
  3. Deck Flooring
    Looking to cover up your brick work. You can buy easy-to-install interlocking timber flooring that slots into place. You won’t be needing a carpenter to build you a deck, because all you really need is even floor space.
  4. Water Features
    No matter what theme and design you go with, there is a water feature to match it. The hard part with this decision is selecting the right style and size water feature to perfectly fit in your outdoor living space.
  5. Selecting Pots
    Same shape, different sizes. That is the key to creating a subtle harmony to your overall design.
  6. Plants For Atmosphere
    Be sure they fill out your pots. If you’re going tropical, large-leafed assortments can fill an empty corner and provide the island-atmosphere you’re aiming for. Quality potting soil is always recommended, and remember, bromeliads grow best in pine bark.