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A Gorgeous Bubble Panel Will Make Any Interior Area Look Serene

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Bubble Panels have become a typical feature within in houses, business lobbies, museums, and community centers located throughout the world. Bubble panels are generally made up of acrylic, which is a hard, high quality type of plastic. This super durable material has many benefits to it, such as it is resistance to breakage or leaks.

The panel that holds the water and also bubbles can be pretty much any dimension that you desire since the air pockets will invariably rise towards the surface of the water, creating a beautiful effect. The size of a bubble panel can range from a small desk section to a huge wall partition, both lighting up and providing any interior room with a wall of light and enclosed water bubbles.

Here are some key characteristics of bubble panels:

  • The primary panel is often composed of many different space areas that are merged together to create a larger fountain area.
  • These sections keep the air pockets inside perfectly straight so that they do not combine together at random and create a mess.
  • A variety of individual “bubble channels” allows this process to take place in a safe way, without having to worry about water leakage.
  • A bubble panel needs a main body area for its upper part, as well as base container on the surface to conceal the pump, tubes, and lights which operate the panel itself.
  • Such framing can usually be created from the identical polymer material as the panel as well.
  • A bubble panel normally operates as an enclosed water system, and it needs to be topped off with water on a frequent basis or else it can be susceptible to major water loss.
  • Bubble panels are easy to take care of, and when properly situated, will look absolutely beautiful in any interior setting.
  • In order to properly maintain the walls of a bubble panel, you need to polish the acrylic surface area with a gentle cloth as to not get fingerprints or oil on it.

Other key features of bubble panels:

Most bubble panels usually come equipped with an air pump that will pump air in to the water panel area, which is what actually creates the bubbles themselves. There is a small tube that the air is moved into, and that specific tube has a series of small holes in it designed specifically for this purpose. Due to the fact that the air is moved into the tube itself, the air pressure actually creates the air that filters through microscopic holes within the main pipe system of the bubble panel.

Many bubble panels also customarily include decorative lights which provide a glow to the flowing water. These can also create various lighting effects to the shifting air pockets, which can help to make quite a beautiful glistening impact to the water bubbles. In the event that LED lights are used for your bubble panel, you will almost certainly be able to alter the color of the lights themselves, which will give a nice color-shaded character to the water, and also substantially alter the mood in the immediate environment, something that is definitely great for everybody.

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