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Brighten Your Home With These Interior Lighting Tips

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Lighting is one of the most underrated decorative elements in the home. When there’s not enough lighting, or the right type of lighting, it can drastically bring down the atmospheric mood, creating a sense of tension that does the home no justice. But the right lighting will have the opposite effect by lifting the mood and improving the home’s function.

Lighting Varies From Room To Room

There’s no such thing as an “all purpose” lighting solution that works in each and every room. While one type of lighting may work in a dining room, another type of lighting may prove to be a better choice for the kitchen. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve in the respective room, as different types of lighting are suited for different situations.

Bathrooms typically require greater lighting than other areas in the home. When you’re getting ready for work in the morning, you want to be able to clearly see what you’re doing in the bathroom; therefore, adequate lighting is required. Kitchens also benefit from extra lighting, as it makes food preparation just a little easier.

Brighter Isn’t Always Better

Kitchens and bathrooms benefit the most from bright light, but you should keep the light down in other areas of the home. Living rooms, for instance, serve as a communal hub for family members, and maintaining a dimly lit atmosphere creates a more relaxing and enjoyable mood.

Avoid using oversized light fixtures in the living room and stick with a primary fixture that’s complimented with a secondary fixture. A standing floor lamp, wall sconce or even track lighting are all excellent choices for a secondary light fixture. If there you want to create a more relaxing living room atmosphere, just switch over to the secondary lighting.

Use CFL Bulbs

If you’re still using incandescent light bulbs, you should consider replacing them with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) bulbs.

Although they cost slightly more, you’ll end saving money in the long run thanks to their long-lasting, energy-efficient benefits. A typical incandescent bulb last approximately 1,200 hours, whereas a CFL bulb lasts about 8,000 hours.

Use Recessed Lighting With Tall Ceilings

Recessed lighting is a great way to balance the oftentimes overwhelming void that’s found in rooms with tall ceilings. Recessed lighting is installed directly into the ceiling where it can be adjusted to focused to a specific area. If one part of the room is particularly dark, the lighting can be repositioned accordingly.