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Bring More Focus To Your Indoor Water Fountain

Posted by Doug Gardner on

An indoor water fountain is a truly breathtaking accessory that raises the level of style and sophistication in a home. Its free-flowing water combined with details like marble and/or stainless steel side creates the perfect decorative home accessory. Once installed, an indoor water fountain will create a sense of tranquility that naturally lowers stress levels while creating a more soothing, relaxing environment.

However, indoor water fountains are only effective if they are visible to family members and guests. Hiding it in the corner of the room where other elements drown it out isn’t going to work. Sure, people will likely notice it still, but it’s not going to offer the same brilliant aesthetics that it normally would. The good news is that you bring more focus to your indoor water fountains by following some simple steps.

Compliment Your Fountain With Houseplants

One technique I’ve found to be an helpful in bringing more life and focus to an indoor water fountain is to decorate it with a couple of houseplants. Don’t get wrong, indoor water fountains are perfect without any decorative help, but you can draw attention to them by placing a houseplant or two off to their sides. People will immediately shift their attention to the water fountain upon entering the room, which is exactly what you should be trying to accomplish with your decorating efforts.

Use Lighting To Your Advantage

Of course, lighting also plays a key role in the visual appeal of an indoor water fountain. Without adequate lighting in place, your indoor water fountain won’t stand out as a decorative focal point. So, what’s the best solution to dealing with poor lighting?

There are a couple of different things you can do to bring more light to your indoor water fountain, one of which is to install a new overhead fixture. If the current fixture is small and/or under-powered, then perhaps you should replace it with a larger one. Alternatively, you could also install a secondary lighting, such as track lighting, wall sconce or a floor lamp, nearby.

Remove The Clutter

There’s nothing wrong with decorating the area surrounding your indoor water fountain, but you should avoid cluttering it with an unnecessary amount of elements. A couple houseplants here and there is perfectly fine; just remember to keep it to a minimum. Filling sides of your fountain with furnishings, paintings, framed photos, etc., will only take away from its natural beauty.

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