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Common Decorating Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Does you home suffer from a lack of aesthetics or visual style? It’s hard to fully enjoy your home if it’s poorly decorated. Whether it’s a clashing color palette or awkward furniture arrangement, mistakes such as this can affect both the appearance and mood of a home. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most common decorating mistakes and reveal how you can avoid them.

Matching Everything

There’s nothing wrong with trying to create a sense of cohesion in your home, but this doesn’t mean everything should match. If your floors, furniture, walls and accessories are all the same color, it will create a bland appearance that takes away from your home’s natural beauty.

Don’t be afraid to mix up your home decor with new colors. Adding some bright-colored throw pillows to a living room that’s designed primarily in dark and/or neutral colors, for instance, creates an attractive contrast that brings everything together.

Pushing Furniture Up Against The Wall

Another all-too-common decorating mistake homeowners make is pushing their furniture up against the wall. Why is this a bad idea? Well, placing your living room furniture up against the wall typically results in foot traffic walking in front of it, which is both aggravating (for people lounging on the couch) and poor in terms of feng shui.

Forcing people to walk in front of the furniture creates negative energy, throwing off the room’s balance and leading to poor feng shui. You can learn more about the art of feng shui in our previous blog post titled the art of feng shui.

Displaying Too Many Photos

A third decorating mistake that many people are guilty of making is displaying too many photos. Photos are a great decorative accessory that can be used in pretty much any room, bathroom, hallway or area inside the home. However, displaying too many photos will overwhelm the surrounding decor, drowning out the decor.

Leaving The Foyer Plain

Don’t forget to decorate your home’s foyer. As the saying goes — you only get one change to make a good first impression — holds true in home decor. The foyer is the first area guests see upon entering your home; therefore, it should reflect your home’s general theme and design.

Placing a small table with a lamp inside the foyer will help fill the voided space while offering the perfect area to display artwork or other decorative accessories.

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