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​Considerations When Purchasing Your Water Fountain

Posted by Doug Gardner on

One of the most unique and rewarding features you can add to your home, work or getaway is a water fountain. They are soothing, add personality to your environment, welcome birds and other critters if outdoors and add moisture to the air if inside. (And that’s just a quick list!) While there are many ways to decide which fountain is best for you, it may help to think about the following categories when making your choice: size, maintenance, and style.

Outdoor blue bubbler fountain surrounded by flowers.


Are you looking for an indoor table top fountain, a bold mutli-level fountain as a backyard escape, or an artistic sculpture fountain as a focal point to your landscape? Either way, it’s important that you make sure you have adequate space. If this is your first water fountain, start small to see if you’re into it. Then go big.


All fountains require some sort of regular maintenance to keep them running over time. While the mechanics can be basic, upkeep is always critical to the functioning and lifespan of your fountain. All fountains are composed of the following elements: water, a pump or series of pumps, and a structure or sculpture that houses the mechanics. All need to be cleaned periodically and maintenance is easier if the fountain comes apart easily. Typically, the larger and more complex the fountain design, the more complicated the maintenance of the water feature. You should also consider the power source when considering overall ease of use and maintenance. Some fountains are battery powered, some are plug in and others are solar powered. Purchase what works best for you.


Choose what suits your personality, or what complements the design of your outdoor area the best. You may be looking for a meditative trickle of water in your office – in that case, make sure the fountain is on a level surface and is not in a place you will forget about it (i.e. forget to take care of it). Outdoor fountains should bring out a space’s natural look and should complement surrounding structures or landscape. Outdoor fountains beg for lighting to make them attractive at night – just the right lighting focused on your outdoor water fountain can create a warm, dramatic effect.

Whatever you end up doing, don’t stress. Do your research before purchasing, and enjoy the journey.  What’s most important is that this water fountain makes the statement and serves the purpose you intended. 

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