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Create a Brilliant Focal Point With an Indoor Water Fountain

Posted by Doug Gardner on

A room’s focal point is designed to immediately capture your attention upon entering, channeling the energy into the a specific area. Without a designated focal point, rooms tend to exhibit a chaotic atmosphere with no sense of direction or cohesion. Of course, this negatively impacts the decor, as there’s no primary source of focus in the room.

While you can always take the modern route of setting up a television as the focal point in your bedroom or living room, this isn’t the most effective solution in terms of style. Televisions actually take away from the room’s natural beauty, resulting in a tacky, generic atmosphere that does your no justice.

Benefits of Using Indoor Water Fountains as Focal Points:

  • Requires minimal space (you only need a small section on the wall to install a water fountain.
  • Elegant and sophisticated appearance that’s unmatched by other types of focal points.
  • With their serene, trickling water, indoor water fountains are captivating and almost hypnotic to watch.
  • There’s a unique beauty in flowing water that’s not found elsewhere.
  • Indoor water fountains are excellent conversation starters.
  • Has a naturally calming and relaxing effect on the environment.
  • Filters dust, dirt, mold and other impurities out of the air.

Location Matters: Choosing The Right Location For Your Fountain

If you’re going to use an indoor water fountain as a focal point for one or more rooms inside your home, you must carefully choose an appropriate location for it. Installing it in some obscure area that’s hidden behind a corner or furnishing isn’t going to work. It needs to be immediately visible from the moment you first step foot into the room.

In the living room, the best place to install an indoor water fountain is directly front of the seating arrangement. When family members and guests are seated, their eyes will be fixated on the fountain; thus, serving its purpose of creating an attractive focal point.

In bedrooms, however, choosing a location an indoor water fountain may prove to be slightly more difficult. Without a seating arrangement available, you’ll have to think outside the box when installing a water fountain here. One idea is to install it directly in front of your bed, or another idea is to choose an area near the door. These are just a couple of great places in the bedroom to install an indoor water fountain.