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Create a Serene Home Decor With an Indoor Water Fountain

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Serene is defined as calm, peaceful, untroubled; tranquil, all of which are elements that homeowners typically want to achieve in their home decor. While there are dozens of different ways to promote a serene home decor, one of the easiest and most effective techniques is to install an indoor water fountain.

The Serenity of Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor water fountains offer a truly unique sense of style and aesthetics that’s not found in traditional decorative accessories. Whether you decide to go with a floor fountain or a wall-mounted model, the soothing, stress-free vibes it emits into the surrounding atmosphere is sure to benefit your home decor for the better.

But how exactly does an indoor water fountain help you achieve a “serene” home decor? It’s hard to describe the beauty and serenity of an indoor water fountain without seeing one in person. The sight and sound of the water trickling down the face of the fountain instills a certain calmness that lowers stress levels while creating a more relaxing environment.

Numerous studies have linked the sights and sounds of flowing water to lower stress levels. There’s just something innate and natural to flowing water, which is why it helps to promote a more serene home decor. After installing an indoor water fountain in your home, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the ultimate sense of tranquility and relaxation it offers.

Will an indoor water fountain alone miraculously make your home serene? Probably not, but it’s one of the many steps homeowners can take to create a serene decor. If you’re struggling to achieve full serenity in your home, refer to the tips listed below.

Other Tips For Achieving a Serene Home Decor:

  • Eliminate the clutter and keep “foot path” free of obstruction.
  • Use a monochromatic color scheme with neutral and/or earthy colors.
  • Compliment your focal points by using accents such as throw pillows and area rugs.
  • Create a welcoming furniture arrangement that’s both functional and attractive.
  • Contrary to what some people may believe, matching every item in a room does not benefit the decor. In fact, it typically has the opposite effect by creating a generic, nondescript appearance.
  • Decorate with colorful candles (scented or unscented), flowers, houseplants, and diffusers.
  • Use soft lighting to balance the decor while promoting a more serene environment.
  • Invest in warm, cozy furniture that’s not used strictly for decorative purposes.