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Create Positive Energy With Indoor Fountains

Posted by Doug Gardner on

It’s believed by different cultures and societies for centuries now, that applying certain elements into a living space is a great way of creating and increasing positive energy, which can in turn help to enhance overall health and well being. One effective method for this is to use indoor water fountains.

The Original Concept of Indoor Water Fountains

The lower areas of China have always been prone to flash flooding. This then provided a powerful contrast to the surrounding mountain landscapes. This is an example between soft, sharp, strong and curved lines that all work together to create a harmonic balance of peace over the lands. This is the same concept used when it comes to indoor fountains. A room usually always has many types of furniture and décor products that have straight and strong lines; thus the cascading water then produces an array of gentle and calm curves to balance out these otherwise harsh elements.

Practitioners of certain spiritual beliefs believe that five different elements are needed in order to promote a strong positive energy: wood, meta, fire, earth and water. Whether a person believes this or not, fountains are indeed made of raw materials from metal or the earth, and sometimes even a combination of both. A fine example of that is a copper fountain, which contains earth, water and metal elements combined, and a fireplace take care of the rest. Thus, all elements are contained within the room.

Indoor Fountains and Health

The best part about indoor fountains, is that whether or not a person really believes in the original concept of them, an indoor fountain does indeed promote certain health and mental benefits. That’s because they provide a certain feeling of peace. The atmosphere is automatically changed with an indoor fountain. An ambiance of relaxation and a sense of well being is usually always felt when there is an indoor fountain in the room. Here are just a few health benefits fountains can offer:

  • Soothing:

    The very sound, look and feel of an indoor water fountain can promote a soothing state of relaxation.

  • Sleep promotion:

    Having a water fountain in a bedroom is a great way of creating white noise. This white noise is a sound that allows the brain to virtually turn everything else off while listening the to the bubbling sounds of the fountain. This in turn can help a person to sleep much better.

  • Stress reliever:

    The calming effect that indoor water fountains can have on a person can easily help to relieve stress. It’s for this reason that it’s not uncommon to have water fountains in places where people participate in yoga, meditation or prayer.

The impact of having an indoor fountain is a powerful one. In a way, it’s like bringing nature indoors, and this can easily help a person to feel more relaxed and calm. It’s important to understand that from the time a person opens their eyes in the morning, until that same individual falls asleep at night, that positive thoughts and thinking is a strong part of the reality that makes that person feel happy or sad. It’s for this reason that having the peaceful air of an indoor water fountain can help anyone to feel more alive and joyful to be alive, even if it’s in a subconscious manner.

Gaining positive energy through the use of indoor fountains is definitely possible for anyone to achieve.