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Decorating Solutions For Large, Spacious Walls

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Whether they’re in the living room, bedroom or any other part of the house, large walls add another level of difficulty when decorating the area. Hanging the same traditional framed artwork and photos here isn’t going to work, as the open space will drown them out. And leaving them plain isn’t an open due to the lackluster appearance it creates. So, how can you successfully decorate oversized walls in your home?

Color Matters

Before you even think about decorating the room, you should first choose a paint color. Consider the color and design of the surrounding furniture and choose a paint color to match. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the exact same color, but it should flow together in a cohesive manner. Taupe, beige, champagne or even shades of blue are all excellent choices that liven up the atmosphere while taking advantage of the oversized walls.

The absolute worst paint color for large walls is white. Using white paint creates the optical illusion of an even larger and more open area; thus, amplifying the effect of your oversized walls. Avoid the use of white and stick with a heavier, more visible color to balance the room’s decor.

Decorative Accessories For Large Walls:

  • Vinyl artwork (inexpensive and easy way to create a mural-like design on your walls).
  • Photo collage.
  • Hang large framed paintings on the wall.
  • Large mirrors.
  • Place a large plant, such as bamboo, in front of the wall.
  • Hang blinds on the walls to create the appearance of windows.
  • Use a decorative wallpaper.
  • Hang various-sized canvas artwork on the wall.

Fill The Room

The secret to achieving an attractive, well-balanced decor with large walls is to fill the surrounding room with other elements. Focusing your decorating efforts strictly on the walls isn’t going to work, as the rest of the room will remain empty.

If you’re trying to decorate the living room, for instance, perhaps you can create an L-shaped furniture arrangement with two different sized couches along with an area rug to define the center. This is a simple yet highly effective way to create a ‘cozy’ living room environment. And using these elements together helps to balance the living room’s large walls.

Other Decorating Tips For Large Walls:

  • Avoid hanging artwork or other items too high, as this leads to bad feng shui.
  • Incorporate an indoor water fountain into the decor.
  • Use paint chips to help you decide which color is best for the environment.
  • Use a large light fixture, such as a crystal chandelier.