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Different Types of Interior Water Features

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Is your home or business lacking pizzazz? Maybe your waiting room, spa or restaurant can enhance its ambiance and level of serenity.

How many times have you walked into a business or a nice home only to be greeted with a bunch of outdated paintings or photographs?

It can be difficult to decide how to decorate your business in a way that is professional and elegant, yet fun and unique.

You need something to cover up those boring, blank walls and those extra floor spaces.

Wall art is readily available and inexpensive, but it isn’t unique, or interesting. It doesn’t always provide a sense of calm and ease your patients may need while in the waiting room (if you’re a private practice medical or dental professional).

The same goes for plants. Real plants may look nice if they are taken care of. If you operate a busy office, it can be hard to find the spare minute or two to water them. Fake plants let you avoid the watering, but they can get dusty and they look cheap and unprofessional.

How do you achieve an indoor atmosphere of peace, relaxation and tranquility if you’re a spa owner or have a medical office?

You may have thought of purchasing an indoor water fountain in the past, but the cost, size, and maintenance may have made you consider.

The indoor water feature industry has changed and expanded so now there are various types and sizes of fountains that can fit a variety of spaces and are available at price points that accommodate a variety of budgets.

Types of Interior Water Features

When you think of in interior water feature, you likely think of a scaled-down version of an outdoor fountain. While some indoor water fountains are just that, there are others that are significantly different.

The two basic categories of indoor water fountains are free-standing and wall-hanging.

Free-Standing Floor Fountains

Free-standing fountains are perfect for that extra floor space in the corner of a room or entryway. These type of water features come in a variety of styles ranging from glass to slate to copper to stone. They also come in a variety of sizes ranging from short, horizontal ones that sit on top of a short dividing wall to ones tall enough to reach the ceiling.

These fountains can be custom-made to give off a professional, tranquil or fun atmosphere, making them ideal for any setting whether it be a business or inside a home.

Indoor floor fountains are easy to move and get installed and their vertical shape makes them great for tight spaces and small rooms.

These types of fountains can provide added tranquility and privacy by acting as a wall and they can be custom engraved with a company logo, delivering a bold and professional impact.

Indoor floor fountains are also great additions for a foyer, living room, study or sitting area in the home.

Wall-Mounted Fountains

If your home or office doesn’t have the luxury of extra floor space, a wall-mounted fountain would be your best option. These features are a superior, and more interesting than those cheesy pictures you have on the wall.

These indoor fountains tend to be smaller in size due to the fact that they hang on walls and can’t be too heavy.

Wall-mounted fountains vary in color, shape, style and size just like free-standing floor indoor fountains.

Wall-mounted indoor fountains are great for branding with a company’s name and logo and are a great option at home, out of the way of young children and pets.

Materials and Types of Fountains

Both indoor floor and wall-mounted water features can be made with a variety of materials which will impact the mood of the space they’re in. The most common materials of indoor fountains include fiberglass, glass, resin, stone, slate, copper and stainless steel.

Elegant and sleek glass indoor water features are best in achieving an authoritative, professional look and rugged, earthy stone creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere while also looking aesthetically pleasing.

Restaurants tend to enjoy the LED lit, fun bubble panels for a sense of positive ambience for their diners.

Regardless of how much or little space you may have in your office or home and what kind of vibe you want to show off, an indoor fountain may be what you’re looking for.

If you’re curious about indoor water features or need help deciding which one is right for your unique office or home space, contact us at the Water Gallery today.