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Fountains and Culture

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Fountains have been a staple in lavish gardens and high society for centuries. They’re capable of transcending cultural boundaries, effortlessly portraying the serene nature of a koi pond or exuding the elegance of a French provincial lawn decoration. They are also able to add a contemporary touch to a fashion forward home or business. With such a wide array of uses and designs it’s hard to see why fountains, wall mounted and stand alone, are not more commonly used.

A Brief History Lesson

Historians and scholars have been able to trace the presence of fountains all the way back to ancient Egypt, where drawings on tomb walls depicted lavish garden fountains placed in the courtyards of homes. They were man made oasis’s, built to help Egyptians escape the unrelenting heat and brutal sun. Centuries later the Persians placed fountains in meticulously groomed lawns, creating breathtaking architecture to adorn palaces and other places of high society. The Romans viewed bathing as a pious act and held the bathing ritual in such high esteem that public baths were placed in gardens with fountains. Of course, we cannot forget about the Italian Renaissance where gardens garnered their beauty from their complexity. Fountains and waterfalls were fused with mesmerizing sculptures that still delight tourists to this very day.

Today’s Architecture

As mankind continues to blaze a trail, replacing wilderness with suburbs and shopping malls, they think of new ways to incorporate the beauty and its comforting presence into business plazas and other public spaces. Corners, barren wall space and polished lawns can all benefit from the presence of a fountain. Something as simple as a fountain can add breathtaking beauty, provide an air of affluence, and can transform its surroundings into a tranquil environment.

Not all spaces are created equal. Artists and architects toe the same creative line as they devise new ways to incorporate different metals, stones and designs into today’s fountains. A powerful workspace, such as a law firm or real estate office, would do well to add a wall mounted fountain adorned with brush nickel. These types of work environments take pride in their services and are able to display that proudly by installing a logo fountain. A logo fountain is a tasteful way to exhibit your company’s logo or emblem, yet it’s demure enough to exude a regal air.

For more calming workplaces, such as a yoga studio or nail salon, a stone fountain can add a natural touch to the room. The brassy tone of stone radiates warmth, whether it is placed in a modern or traditional space. A bubble wall would also be a great choice for a tranquil environment. It’s an innovative way to create a wall of privacy or to add distinction between two areas. The versatility and uniqueness of a bubble wall is indisputable.

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As today’s furniture trends lean more towards modern and contemporary it’s important to remember that a tastefully placed fountain can blur the lines between furniture and art.

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