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Give the Gift of Tranquility This Holiday Season

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It’s hard to believe that the holidays are quickly coming upon us. The holidays are a time of spending time with friends and family in the form of parties and gatherings. As joyous, fun and supposedly relaxing and refreshing these times are advertised and hoped to be, they are more often than not, filled with busyness and chaos.

The crazy holiday season can especially be busy for friends or family members who are hosting parties and gatherings.

While your friend or family member may be excited to see everyone, all the prep work may leave them low on energy and patience.

During this joyous time, there can those tense and awkward moments between guests who are going through a rough patch. Extra energy and patience is required to get through the drama.

They want their home to be inviting, warm and comfortable. A place for people to relax.

If you’re looking for a unique gift to give them to show your gratitude for their hospitality and their friendship, why not get them a relaxing indoor fountain?

An indoor fountain may seem like a weird present, but your friend or relative can utilize its beauty and soothing waters immediately and proudly display their fountain not just during the holidays, but all year round.

If you want your friend or family member to get a much-needed, refreshing break from the crazy holidays as well as help them provide a better hosting experience for their guests during holiday gatherings, consider the many benefits of indoor fountains:

Becoming a Much-Needed Room Focal Point

Does your friend or family member have a noticeable empty space in the foyer, entry way or room? These bare spots can be awkward and embarrassing. Instead of frantically worrying about what to put there, consider a fountain. Their guests will be amazed, captivated and impressed by it. An elegant fountain will become the focal point of the room, possibly taking guests’ eyes off any other imperfections in the room.

Providing Much-Needed Relaxation


The holidays tend to make people rushed and stressed. Besides enhancing the looks of a room, a fountain can provide much needed calmness and relaxation for your loved one. There aren’t many things that are as soothing as the trickling of a fountain. During the holiday season, a fountain can allow them to slow down and allow the trickling of a fountain to calm and relax them.

The enhanced calming atmosphere will allow you and your guests to better enjoy each other’s company.

Bringing Entertainment

There is something about kids and fountains. Fountains seem to catch the attention of children. Maybe it’s the playing with the water? In any case, when little guests come, a fountain can provide momentary entertainment (with proper supervision, of course) which can provide temporary relief for other guests and visitors.

If someone close to you is hosting this Thanksgiving or Christmas, consider giving them an indoor fountain. It will enhance the look of their home, create a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere and catch the attention of younger guests. Fountains are a source of much-needed relaxation not just during the holidays, but year-round.

Contact us today at the Water Gallery with any questions or concerns or to order your fountain so it comes in times for the holidays. 

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