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Indoor Floor Fountain FAQs

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Tranquil River

We thought it would be a great idea to post some Frequently Asked Questions to compliment our last article on floor fountains. We have been in this business for nearly ten years and decided to highlight some of the most common questions we receive from our customers and prospective customers. You are the reason we have thrived in this market and it is important to us to make sure you are confident when you make a purchase with Water Gallery. 

Q: What type of floor fountain is best for me?

A: If you want a fountain against a wall, you should go with the single sided type. We have a huge selection of sizes and styles to meet your needs. However, if you want a fountain in the middle of a room, we would recommend getting a two-sided fountain with the clear glass option. This type is finished on both sides and meant to been seen from both sides.

Q: What else do I need?

A: Just electricity and water.

Q: What type of electrical outlet?

A: Any standard grounded (three prong) 125 volt, 15-amp outlet. This is the most common type used in the US. These fountains are designed with the cord either coming out of the left or right side of the base. Customer service can give you the details on the fountain you choose.

Q: Do I need some special type of plumbing for the water?

A: No, all of our fountains are self-contained. The pump keeps recirculating the same water. However, some water is lost to evaporation over time, so you will have to periodically add water. This will vary based on location, heat, humidity, etc. Just keep an eye on it for the first few weeks and you will get a good feel for how often you have to refill it.

Q: Is there any maintenance involved?

A: If you have hard water, you will probably have to clean off the mineral deposits periodically with a vinegar solution. Check out this link for the details:

That same article will give you the information on how to treat the water for an excess of algae or organic matter. Otherwise there really isn’t any maintenance required.

Pictured Above: Tranquil River Floor Fountain with Rustic Copper Trim and Black Spider Marble