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Indoor Fountain Ideas for Luxury Homes

Posted by Doug Gardner on

When you think of indoor fountains, you may think of offices, museums, and other locations where a water feature might greet you on your way into the building. Where you might not think of placing them, however, is inside of a home. For luxury home owners that want to get creative, an indoor fountain can actually add a visually entrancing element that few other design choices can match.

The Indoor fountain can come in many different forms; it can be a wall fountain, or a free-standing fountain. It can be a closed system, protected by glass, or it can be open. If you’ve been looking for interesting projects that can add a visual flare to your home’s interior, and you have the square footage available, then an indoor fountain might be the perfect fit. Below, you’ll find a few ideas on where indoor fountains and water elements can work nicely.

The Entrance

Just inside of your home’s front door, you may have a corridor or antechamber that could be a nice, open amount of space needed for a fountain. For those who have less space to work with, a closed wall fountain may also be a smart decision. Guests and family will be greeted by a calming, unique presentation. As with other parts of your home, your choice of material will vary depending on your type of flooring and surrounding décor. Stainless steel, stone, brass, and more are all suitable for different environments.

The Kitchen or Bathroom

You may not have the room available for a full sized water feature, but a wall mounted fountain can be an excellent addition. These systems operated entirely behind glass, and can easily use the water supply already piped into your kitchen or bathroom. Clear water features can be a nice touch if you already have natural stone walls or backdrops.

The Bedroom

Both free standing and wall mounted fountains work well in the bedroom. When combined with your choice of light and color, a fountain can create an “oceanic” feel to a room, especially when natural light streams through the water and dances on the walls. As a bonus, the soothing sound of water may help you to get a more restful night of sleep.

The Greenhouse (or Sunroom)

Finally, some homeowners prefer to have extensions to their home that contain small greenhouses that can be kept during the winter months, or they’ve had sunroom extensions added to the home. These could be a nice area for a water feature as well, especially because they are areas of the home which are designed to receive as much natural sunlight as possible.

During the day, they can provide a dazzling show. As a bonus, these are also areas of the home where an open fountain may be preferable, as the cool, evaporating water can keep your plant life nice and healthy. During the evenings, the natural moonlight that the room lets in will create a different, equally pleasant atmosphere.