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Make Your Home More Inviting With Rustic Decor

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Rustic is a classic style of decorating that’s focused around neutral colors, earthy tones, hardwood furnishings, and natural decorative accessories. The combination of these elements works to create a calming, relaxing environment that’s perfect for any home. If you’re struggling to achieve an attractive interior decor in your home, you should consider using rustic elements.

Rustic Decor In Cabins

Some of the best examples of rustic decor are found in log cabins. Cabins already possess certain characteristics of this style, so it only makes sense to complete the look by adding the right furnishings and accessories. The neutral colored logs serve as the perfect decorating palette for a rustic environment.

Homeowners can gain inspiration for their own rustic home decor by viewing examples of cabins. Check out some of the home decor magazines for images of cabins, paying attention to the walls, floors, color schemes, and most importantly, the furniture.

Choosing The Right Rustic Furniture

Successfully designing a rustic home or cabin requires a very particular type of furniture. Going back to basics of rustic decor, this style is centered around neutral colors and earth tones; therefore, you want to reflect these characteristics in your furniture. Avoid using modern/contemporary furniture that’s designed more for aesthetic value and less for function. Instead, choose furniture made of authentic hardwood — not particle board or other cheap materials — that features brown, tan, beige or other neutral colors.

Rustic Decorating Tips:

  • Maintain a neutral color palette throughout the environment.
  • Incorporate nature-themed accessories into the decor, such as driftwood, antler chandeliers, taxidermy mounts.
  • Shag rugs are an excellent choice for rustic homes and cabins.
  • Turn the fireplace into the main focal point of your living room (assuming it has one).
  • Keep the furniture tight to create a more cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Hang paintings that feature landscapes and other natural settings on your wall.

Is Rustic The Right Style For My Home?

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to interior home decorating, but rustic is arguably one of the safest styles available. Its neutral color scheme and simplistic approach to furnishings make it a popular choice among homeowners.

If you’re thinking about taking a shot at rustic decor in your home, start with a single room to see how it turns out. If if you enjoy it, go ahead and decorate the rest of your home with rustic elements.

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