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Selecting Your Indoor Fountain

Posted by Doug Gardner on

So, you’ve decided you want a fountain for your home or workplace? Congratulations are in order for this excellent decision, but you should also be aware that there are many, many different types of fountains to choose from. In fact, making the decision to purchase an indoor fountain is just the first in a long line of decisions to come. You’ll have to choose how large you want your fountain to be, where you want it placed, and of course what type of fountain you want and its overall look and feel. While only you can choose which indoor fountain is the right fit for your home or office, there are a few fountain types that are particularly popular right now. These include:

  • Bubble Walls/Panels
  • Floor Fountains

Eye-Catching Bubble Walls and Panels

You’ve probably seen bubble walls and panels before, even if you didn’t know what they were called. These are the long, flat walls or rectangular panels that feature sometimes-lighted but always eye-catching bubbles going up and down or moving in other patterns. These fountains are particularly common in trendy restaurants and bars, though they can work in just about any space. These are the fountains to choose if you want to get noticed! Many business owners even place them in areas where they are visible from the street, so as to encourage potential patrons to come on in!

The best bubble walls and panels will give you the option of adding colored lighting, and of changing up the color of the lights and other features so that you can customize your fountain to meet your needs. Of course, you also want bubble walls and panels that are built from quality materials. Low quality bubble walls and panels have been known to lose their bubble-making capabilities, which can make for a useless fountain. For this reason, make sure you choose your fountain carefully! Even if you have to spend a little more than you had planned, it’s worth it to ensure a quality, long-lasting product.

Short on Space? Floor Fountains are for You!

Floor fountains, also known as “standing fountains,” are commonly seen in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices and in other corporate or commercial settings. Like bubble walls and panels, however, they are suitable for just about any environment. These fountains are usually made in such a way that they are one self-contained unit; in other words, you don’t have to put a lot of parts and pieces together! The fountains typically feature a tall and thin design in stark contrast to the short and wide designs of most standard fountains. Their design, however, make them an excellent choice for smaller spaces. They’re small enough to fit in a corner but can be beautiful enough to place front and center in a desired room. These fountains can also be customized to give off any look and vibe you want. Go for a stately marble fountain, a sophisticated glass fountain, or anything else in between!

For your choice of fountains, whether they fall into these two categories or not, shop at Water Gallery, LLC.

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