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Shopping for Exterior Water Features on a Budget

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Whether you have a garden area that needs an extra touch of class, or you want to add something different and refreshing outside of your commercial space, an outdoor water feature, such as a stone fountain or a glass wall, can really provide some of the more visually arresting options available. While many people dream of getting a fountain for their space, most will decide that it is simply too expensive to do so. That is where they may be mistaken.

Outdoor water features do not have to be expensive to be impressive. Some cost as little as under a thousand dollars, which is actually quite affordable considering that these are fixtures which can last as long as your home or building stands. In addition, the water costs of operating a feature are quite reasonable, especially when they have internal systems which can recycle and filter water for display purposes.

When you want to shop for water features on a budget, these are the questions that you should ask yourself:

  • How large of a water feature do I really need?
  • Where is it going to be placed?
  • Will it be operational all year, or only during certain seasons?
  • Will it be incorporated into a larger landscaping design?

Why Bigger is Not Always Better

It may be tempting to start looking at larger fountains, even before you have an idea of what your budget may be, but consider the practicality of using a larger fountain or water wall in your proposed space. Larger features require more water, which is obvious, but they may also require more maintenance as well. Larger basins means more space for debris to fall onto, which can get into the filter of the feature. In addition, larger features may require more adjustments from surrounding space so that they do not obstruct any foot traffic.

Smaller water features are not only more affordable, but they can allow for a greater level of flexibility in your placement planning. In fact, for the price of one large feature, you may be able to afford two. You can choose as to whether both will be for the outdoors, or if one will be exterior and the other interior. You have a lot more options when you scale down your fountain needs.

Materials Matter

Stone fountains are the most common, and most affordable in the long term when choosing a fountain for your exterior space. Other material possibilities, such as aluminum, may end up being more expensive depending on where you make your purchase. Stainless steel is an option, but that could be even more expensive than aluminum.

Stone tends to hold up better over time, and some of the signs of aging and use in a stone water fountain actually add character to the overall look, as opposed to the wear and tear on metal which would need to be maintained or repaired after some time. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about stone expanding or contracting during changes in temperature, which makes bending, warping, and other issues far less of an issue.