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The Art of Feng Shui

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese art and science that is believed to incorporate the laws from both Heaven and Earth to help an individual improve their life by increasing their positive qi. The art of balancing energy is still practiced by many and has become popular in the world of interior décor.

Zen Fountain

The art of feng shui is based on the Taoist belief that humans must create a deep connection with nature. Many prominent Chinese structures that practice feng shui, such as temples, sanctuaries, and even homes, will be in possession of a “Zen” fountain. A Zen fountain can be anything from a wall-mounted waterfall, to a multi-tiered tabletop fountain, and is tasked with the responsibility of enhancing the surrounding environment with its soothing and continuous flowing water. An important question to ask when considering the art of feng shui and incorporating a fountain into your space is where do you put an indoor fountain? Or maybe the more pressing questions should be where do you NOT put the fountain?

The Facts

When considering an indoor fountain you should take into consideration the size of the base and the amount of water it can hold. Most people don’t have the time or attention to constantly refill their indoor water fountain so the larger the base, the more water it can hold, the less time you’ll have to spend refilling it. Simple enough.

A handy tip to remember is that when it’s time to refill your fountain it’s a good idea to use distilled or bottled water. Tap water can contain such things as minerals, rust and bacteria that may affect the pumps and cause them to corrode. This can lead to costly repairs and the unwanted growth of algae.

The Chinese culture views water as a symbol of wealth and abundance, so to improve the balance that a fountain can add to your space you should consider placing it in either the North, East or Southeast section of your home or workspace. Once you decide upon a location for your fountain it’s important to also take into consideration the intended fountains size, shape and color. All of these features can help balance out the water element so as to not overwhelm your environment with positive energy.

Balancing The Mind and Body

The great thing about adding a fountain to your interior is that it can not only balance out the positive and negative energy in the room, but it can also help bring balance to your body. Not many people are aware that an indoor fountain can help improve their health by adding moisture into the air, releasing negative ions to attract dust, and relieving stress.

The home is meant to be a haven from the chaotic world that lies beyond our door, so it’s important to add decorative pieces that promote peace and serenity. No matter what style of fountain you choose you can rest easy knowing that it will be a beneficial addition to any home or office.

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