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The Fountain of Youth

Posted by Doug Gardner on

Water has a long association with spirituality for many, if not all, societies and civilizations. Sources of water are considered to be tied to vitality, fertility, and in some cases, even the wrath of certain spirits. The nature of water itself has also led to many associations with time, as in its ebb and flow, and the birth of life, as water births were and in some areas still remain a popular method of choice for delivering children. Water also has associations with the moon, which have been proven to have some actual scientific merit thanks to research into the effects of lunar gravity on Earth’s tides.

It’s not surprising, then, that there are myths involving fountains. The Fountain of Youth is one of the most popular and well known examples of this.

Forever Young

A cursory search on information regarding the Fountain of Youth will reveal that there have been many accounts of its existence across many cultures, dating back thousands of years. Thought to have began with the ancient Greeks, the stories involved a fountain which would restore the youth of anyone who drank its water or bathed in it. That story has spread throughout Asia, Europe, South America, and beyond, all thanks to explorers who sought out this legendary fountain and its restorative properties.

While the Fountain of Youth’s location has yet to be discovered, it’s easy to see how fountains may be associated with vitality and health. Water features that have vibrant coloring, beautiful statues, and other attractive qualities can:

  • Enhance your mood.
  • Increase your level of energy and focus.
  • Decrease fatigue.
  • Convey a sense of growth, liveliness, and prosperity.

The shape of the fountain can also have its own effects as well. For example, a rounded fountain basin that is at the center of a ring of trees and other greenery can create an atmosphere of growth, possibility, and focus. With this in mind, it’s easy to imagine how stories of a spring or fountain that could restore your youth would have become so popular.

Capturing the Magic

Although there may still be those who have aspirations of finding the Fountain of Youth, it is possible to to improve and enhance your very own environment by adding a water feature without crisscrossing the globe or exploring exotic locales. Water features have a proven psychological effect on a wide range of different environments, both indoors and outdoors, as well as measured improvements for the moods of employees, consumers, and guests of every age group and cultural background.

To truly capture the magic that a fountain can bring, it always pays to get a little consultation based on the area that you have in mind. Picking the right fountain shape, material, and size can all be important if you want your fountain to have the maximum impact you desire for your own space and budgetary specifications. Whether you’re curious about what a fountain might add to a commercial space, or you’re interested in completing your landscape with a timeless water feature, professional fountain manufacturers and installers often have a keen eye for the right type of fountain to match your environment.

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