Water Gallery Blue Glass with Stainless Steel Floor Fountain

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Enjoy the lovely Blue Glass with Stainless Steel Floor Fountain today! This spectacular indoor water feature is shown with a blue tempered glass panel and stainless steel trim and basin. Hand-crafted in the USA, this dynamic water wall is available in several sizes to best fit your space. If blue does not match your décor, that’s okay because you can choose from a variety of glass options including green glass, textured glass or mirror.  Call us today and allow our fountain team to build you the perfect free-standing waterfall!

Dimensions: 96" t x 48" w x 14" d

What is included with your water wall purchase?

1) Complete water wall package including the glass panel, stainless steel trim and framework, water basin, re-circulating water pump with inline filter.

2) One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Many business owners purchase an indoor waterfall to bring class and elegance to their establishment. Having an indoor fountain helps create a serene atmosphere, keeping clients or customers at ease while they conduct business with you. For a personalized touch, you have the option to add your business logo or name on the water panel. We can either laser etch or apply a full color vinyl print to your feature. Having a personalized Blue Glass with Stainless Steel Floor Fountain shows your clients or customers what your company is all about: resiliency and sophistication. Your clients or customers will admire the quality of this exquisitely crafted indoor water feature, and likewise, they like enjoy their experience while visiting your company. Let the Blue Glass with Stainless Steel Floor Fountain set the tone for your next business meeting. Order online today or give our expert fountain associates a call.

The Blue Glass with Stainless Steel Floor Fountain creates a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. It is perfectly engineered for safety and durability as it stands freely against the wall. Tempered glass can be used instead of regular glass when safety is an important factor in design. It is four to five times stronger than standard glass. If it breaks, which is uncommon, tempered glass does not shatter into larger shards. Large shards can account for injuries sustained when glass is broken, but with the Blue Glass with Stainless Steel Floor Fountain, that will never be a problem. In fact, if broken, tempered glass breaks into small, oval-shaped pebbles. Tempered glass goes through a process of extreme heat and rapid cooling to ensure that it is a strong, safe, and thermally stable material.

Our fountain team is here to discuss your project and would love to speak with you today. We guarantee the lowest prices and we only sell top quality water features. You can feel confident knowing you are getting a top quality product when buying from Water Gallery LLC.