Choosing the Right Garden Fountain, Part 1


Although we're entering autumn, and winter is soon to follow, now might be a good time to start planning a fountain for your garden. Why? Prices may be more affordable during seasons where they are in lower demand, and you'll have more lead time on getting the right design down before the warm weather returns. You'll also get a better idea of what sort of watering needs your garden may need, which your fountain can certainly compliment, as you'll be making your plans alongside your expectations for your returning greenery.

Every garden is different, both in terms of plant life and actual dimensions of space. There are so many different garden profiles, that it may seem overwhelming to even consider the question of, “Which fountain is perfect for you?” Between the actual visually complimentary elements and the logistical aspects of installing a fountain that will be a good fit, you will also need to consider your budget, your long term goals with your garden and landscape, and what you hope to get out of having a fountain in the garden area. With that in mind, here is a guideline to help you to choose the best option for your own personal needs.

The Right Size

It can be tempting to think that you need the largest fountain available, but being size appropriate makes much more sense.

  • Proportions matter. If you own a big home, and a big garden, then a big fountain will make sense. Smaller gardens, or smaller areas of a garden, are better places for smaller fountains. Visualize where you will place it as a “frame,” as if you were viewing it through a camera lens. Take note of the blank space in that frame, and you will begin to understand what size, shape, and style may be best.

  • Size changes your budget. While a smaller fountain is not necessarily less expensive, it may give you more elaborate options in terms of what materials you would like it to be made of, or what style you would like to see. The more elaborate the fountain is, the more expensive it is. Thus, a smaller fountain may allow you to choose a more visually rich style for the same price as a plainer, larger one.

bluworld-gardenfall-stainless-steel-fire-fountain.jpgStyle and Placement

Another area of consideration will be the style of the fountain itself.

  • Where will it be mounted? There are many different types of fountains, including freestanding, wall mounted, and recessed fountains with small ponds. Again, choosing an option appropriate for the amount of space and surrounding garden is always best.

  • Remember maintenance. Some styles of fountains, such as those with hidden resevoirs, may require lower maintenance, as there will be less of the fountain exposed to fallen leaves and other types of debris.

These are only a few points among many that can help you to choose the perfect fountain for your garden, but they can have a solid impact on which choice will be best in both concept and execution.