Copper Fountains Offer Perfection

[Posted on August 15, 2008]

For many businesses, corporate offices and homes quality metals such as copper are the perfect way to enhance almost any interior space.  The beauty of copper is timeless and one of the best ways to show off this beautiful material is with a Water Gallery copper water fountain.

Water Gallery Offers a Wide Selection of Copper Water Fountains
Water Gallery offers a wide variety of copper water fountains which are perfect for almost any office, corporate entryway, retail shop and of course the home.  If you are looking to enhance a very large interior space, you can choose from our beautiful floor copper water fountains that can range up to 10 feet in height.  For smaller areas, we offer copper water fountains that can fit on a tabletop and are about 30 inches in height

Water Gallery Copper Water Fountains are Extremely Durable
Copper water fountains offer timeless beauty and our fountains are definitely built to last.  We offer the highest quality copper metals and we have expert craftsman that build your fountain.   Durability is essential to a high quality copper water fountain and for our larger fountains ours are made with extremely strong 20 gauge copper.  This is necessary for the extra support a large fountain requires.   In addition, our copper water fountains are designed to be splash resistant so you can place them almost anywhere.

Customize Your Copper Water Fountain
With Water Gallery, you have lots of choices when it comes to designing your copper water fountain.  We offer plenty of copper water fountains, however, if you have special needs, we can customize a copper water fountains to fit them perfectly.  You can easily accessorize your copper water fountains with plenty of materials including slate, mirror, glass, natural river rock and stainless steel.  You can also choose to etch your business logo into your copper fountain for an additional fee.

Water Gallery is the Premier Retailer of Copper Water Fountains
You can buy water fountains from almost any home improvement or big box shop, however for real quality and workmanship that is easily viewable; there is no better place to buy your fountain than at Water Gallery.  Water Gallery only offers the highest quality copper water fountains and high quality customer service.  Our copper water fountains cost much less than you can imagine and delivery for many of our fountains are usually free.  It should also be noted that many of our fountains come preassembled for easy set up.

For more information regarding copper water fountains or to purchase one today, please contact us directly.